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[Bole Hunter] Sobek is an SR.png SR rarity, ThunderSymbol.png Thunder element, Offense.png Offense type Kamihime.
Her max level is 70, and her release weapon is Marksman Friend.

[Bole Hunter] Sobek
"Wearing a sexy swimsuit, Sobek goes to a hunting reserve in the middle of summer.
Her gun and charming smile shoot the preys in different ways."
(Bole Hunter) Sobek Close.png Rarity SR.png
Type Offense.png
Favourite Weapon/s Gun.png
Element ThunderSymbol.png Thunder
Max level 70
Obtained from Hot Battle! Sports
Day at the Beach!
Release weapon Marksman Friend
HP Attack Total Power
192 - 960 1444 - 7220 1636 - 8180
Burst Icon.png One-Hole Technique
Thunder DMG (3x Burst DMG) and applies Invulnerability.png Nullify to self (Only for the Burst turn)
(Limit Break ★★★☆) Increases to 3,5x Burst DMG
Dmg burst reduce.png Anesthesia Balletto
Thunder DMG to an enemy and reduces 1 Charge turn
(Lvl 45) Reduces cooldown by 1 turn
Cooldown: 8 (7) turns
Skill stealth.png Stealth Tactics
Applies Hideout (Icon).png Hideout and Ability up.png Ability up.png Ability performance↑ (A Frame +30% DMG/10% Cap up) to self
(Lvl 65) Increases duration by 1 turn
Cooldown: 7 turns
Period: 2 (3) turns

Dmg thunder.png Incisive Tease Unlocks at Level 35
Deals Thunder DMG to an enemy. Also activates at the end of the turn until taking damage Cooldown: 7 turns
Period: 3 turns
Assist.png Quick Reload
Chance of activating DMG ability twice (Chance seems to be high)


  • Release date: from 30th June 2021.
  • Cannot be used in the same party as the DarkSymbol.png Dark version, Sobek