(Cheerful Beach Girl) Aten is an R R rarity, ThunderSymbol Thunder element, Offense Offense type Kamihime.
Her max level is 50, and her release weapon is Electric Servo.

(Cheerful Beach Girl) Aten
"Aten is in charge of distributing drinks to prevent heat strokes.
To protect everyone's joyful time, she runs around hastily."
(Cheerful Beach Girl) Aten Close Rarity R
Type Offense
Favourite weapon -
Element ThunderSymbol Thunder
Max level 50
Obtained from Premium Gacha
Magic Jewel Gacha
Release weapon Electric Servo
HP Attack Total Power
150 - 750 944 - 4720 1094 - 5470
Burst Icon Magic Electric Storm
Thunder DMG (2x Burst DMG). When 5 "Energy" tokens are applied, consumes 5 "Energy" for DMG↑ (+30%)
(Limit Break ★★☆) Increases to 2,5x Burst DMG
Atkup defdown Clothing Lightning
Applies Atk up ATK↑ (C Frame +40%) and Double UpTriple Up Combo Attack Rate↑ (A Frame +>15%/>10%) to self,
but also Defense Down DEF↓ (? Frame -50%) to self
(Lvl 45) Increases to Atk up ATK↑ (C Frame +50%)
Cooldown: 8 turns
Period: 5 turns
Miracle Chalice Sonic Thunder Unlocks at Level 25
Attacks immediately. Consumes 10% of max HP Cooldown: 4 turns
Assist Power Strike
Adds "Energy" to self when scoring a combo attack (1 on double attack, 2 on triple attack)
Assist Thunder Recovery
Heals self for 1.000HP and recovers 1 affliction at the end of turn by consuming 5 "Energy"

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