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[Holy Night Valor] Iris is an SSR.png SSR rarity, ThunderSymbol.png Thunder element, Offense.png Offense type Kamihime.
Her max level is 80, and her release weapon is Iridescent Tree Fioritura.

[Holy Night Valor] Iris
"Iris dresses up for the Christmas party. It's her first party she'll attend with her friends and she's thrilled."
(Holy Night Valor) Iris Close.png Rarity SSR.png
Type Offense.png
Favourite Weapon/s Arcane.png
Element ThunderSymbol.png Thunder
Max level 80
Obtained from Premium Gacha
Magic Jewel Gacha
Release weapon Iridescent Tree Fioritura
HP Attack Total Power
264 - 1320 1840 - 9200 2104 - 10520
Burst Icon.png Arcobaleno Saetta
Thunder DMG (4,5x Burst DMG) and activates the effect of Sabers[1] (3T)
(Limit Break ★★★☆) Increases to 5x Burst DMG
Dmg thunder.png Spectral Slash
Deals Thunder DMG (100.000) 7 times to one enemy.
Doubles DMG cap if in possession of a Saber rainbow.png Rainbow Saber
(Lvl 55) Reduces the cooldown by 1 turn
Cooldown: 7 (6) turns
Skill def down.png Electric Break
Applies Thunder down.png Thunder RST↓ (User-only Frame -10%, stackable) to all enemies
(Lvl 75) Reduces the cooldown by 1 turn
Cooldown: 4 (3) turns
Period: 9 turns

Glorious Saber.png Prismatic Brave Unlocks at Level 45
Burst Gauge↑ (+100) to self and summons a Saber rainbow.png Rainbow Saber.
This token only lasts 1T and cannot overwrite an existing Saber rainbow.png Rainbow Saber
Cooldown: 10 turns
Period: 1 turn
Assist.png Illuminated Saber
At the end of the turn summon one random Saber
Assist.png Twinkle Wish
DMG Limit↑ (+5%) commensurate to the number of sabers[2]


  • Cannot be used in the same party as the LightSymbol.png Light version, Iris
  • The colour of the saber summoned with Illuminated Saber is random, with rainbow saber being the rarest
  • Arcobaleno Saetta will grant Iris these effects if she has these sabers before burst:
    • Saber red.png Red - Cheer (Burst Gauge↑ (+10) every turn)
    • Saber orange.png Orange - Crit Rate↑ (+50 DMG, ?? Chance)
    • Saber yellow.png Yellow - Light DMG↑ (+35%)
    • Saber green.png Green - Vigor (+40%)
    • Saber cyan.png Cyan - Double Attack Rate↑ (+50%)
    • Saber blue.png Blue - Triple Attack Rate↑ (+50%)
    • Saber purple.png Purple - Special Attack↑ (+10%)
    • Saber rainbow.png Rainbow - ALL of the above effects
  • All sabers can stack with each other, but their effects will not duplicate if Iris has a rainbow saber; i.e. an activated red and rainbow saber will only grant BG +10 at the end of the turn, not +20

Saber Information

  1. Saber are summoned through the use of the passive ability, Illuminated Saber. They will appear as tokens on Iris and are presumed to be identical in effect size to her original version, where rainbow sabers last 7T and all others 5T
  2. Rainbow sabers count as 7 (+35%), all others count as 1 (+5%)