Kamihime Project Wiki
"A misanthropist Soul that controls the power to strengthen Eidolons. She avoids making friends but is occasionally kind to lonely people."
Alhazred Close Tier S Class
Favourite Weapons Arcane
Type Tricky
Master Bonus HP soul bonus +4% HP
Release Conditions Medea Lvl 20
Paracelsus Lvl 20
500 SSP
Completion of
Stages 1 - 5 in Hall
of Research
Burst Icon All Has Red
"Alhazred's chanting that reveals the true appearance of Al Azif. Those who look into her eyes are said to go mad and die."
★ Element, DMG and Effects are dependent on equipped weapon
Ability 1
Absolute Monarchy Safr Wahash
Deals 6x (800.000) DMG to all enemies
*Re-activated when an Eidolon is summoned
Cooldown: 6 Turns
Period: 4 Turns
Ability 2
Alhazred Book Hamse Istedoaa Unlocks at Level 5
Deploys the grimoire Al-Azif, providing powerful effects on all allies with each summoning attack:
Summon 1:
Atk up ATK↑ (Unique Frame +30%)
Ability up Ability DMG and Limit↑ (Unique Frame +30% DMG/30% Cap up) (5T)
Summon 2:
Defense Up DEF↑ (Unique Frame +30%)
Defense Up DMG Cut (Unique Frame 20%) (4T)
Summon 3:
Normal Atk up Normal ATK DMG and Limit↑ (Unique Frame +30% DMG/30% Cap up)
Triple Up Triple Attack rate↑ (Unique Frame +30%) (3T)
Summon 4:
1000 HP Regen Unique Frame Regen
Regen up (Icon) Healing Received↑ (+100%, bypasses Ascension) (2T)
Summon 5:
All allies Burst Gauge↑ (+100)
Burst atk up Burst DMG and Limit↑ (+500% DMG/100% Cap up, separate from Exceed, 4m burst, stacks with other 4M Tokens) (1T)
Cooldown: 10 Turns
Period: 5 Turns
Ability 3
Reduce CD Al-Jidal Unlocks at Level 15
Shortens the cooldown of all summoning attacks by 1 turn and applies a 5000 HP Ally guard Barrier to self Cooldown: 5 Turns
Period: 3 Turns
Assist Resonance of Al-Azif
When only one element of All equipped sub eidolons is matching, all allies Elemental ATK↑ (+50%)
Otherwise only self +50% Elemental ATK↑
Assist Ritual of Five Summons
Final damage of the entire party is increased by activating 5 summon attacks (+10% Final DMG, permanent/non-erasable)
Assist Wingless Ruse
Shortens the interval between reuses of Eidolon summons by 2 turns at the start of combat.
★ Only active when Grimoire Al Azif is equipped
Assist Echo of Illusion
Heals the Soul's HP when summoning an Eidolon (+??).
★ Only active when Sacrifice Sword Hadra Wahash is equipped

Level Up Bonus[]

Level Bonus
1 HP soul bonus +200 HP
5 HP soul bonus +200 HP
10 HP soul bonus +200 HP
15 HP soul bonus +200 HP
20 HP soul bonus +200 HP
Total Bonus HP soul bonus +1000 HP