Kamihime Project Wiki
Apsara is an R.png R rarity, WaterSymbol.png Water element, Offense.png Offense type Kamihime.
Her max level is 50, and her release weapon is Nimbus Ramayana.

"A Kamihime born to control the firearms of the gods.
She travels the globe, trying to bring about world peace."
Apsara Close.png Rarity R.png
Type Offense.png
Favourite Weapon/s Arcane.png
Element WaterSymbol.png Water
Max level 50
Obtained from Any Gacha
Release weapon Nimbus Ramayana
HP Attack Total Power
168 - 840 920 - 4600 1088 - 5440
Burst Icon.png Salmon Dance
Water DMG (2x Burst DMG)
(Limit Break ★★☆) Increases to 2,5x Burst DMG
Dmg water.png Water Cloud Vicissitude
Deals 2~2.5x Water DMG to an enemy
(Lvl 45) Increases damage to 2.5~3x
Cooldown: 5 turns
Buff ATK.png Nymph's Dance Unlocks at Level 25
Atk up.png ATK↑ (Stacking Frame +8% per stack) to self Cooldown: 2 turns
Period: 5 turns