"A Kamihime whose reactive armor can defend against any attack.
She's sweet and gentle despite her tough armor.
Baldr Close Rarity SR
Type Defense
Favourite weapon Bow
Element LightSymbol Light
Max level 70
Obtained from The World Tree's Seed of Despair
Release weapon Prism Hammer
HP Attack Total Power
260 - 1300 1040 - 5200 1300 - 6500
Burst Icon Mistol Arrow
Light DMG (3x Burst DMG)
(Limit Break ★★★☆) Increases to 3,5x Burst DMG
Skill reflect Laminate Mirror
Applies Defense Up Reflect (-??% DMG taken) to self
(Lvl 45) Increases to Defense Up Reflect (-50% DMG taken)
Cooldown: 6 turns
Period: 2 turns
Skill cut dmg Full Cover Guard
Defense Up Reduces all damage taken
(Lvl 65) Reduces the cooldown by 1 turn
Cooldown: 7 (6) turns

Dmg heal Almighty Unlocks at Level 35
Deals Light DMG to an enemy and Heals self for 1500hp Cooldown: 8 turns
Assist Invincible Armor
DEF↑ (+3%)

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