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Kamihime Project is a resource management game. Players have 3 resources: playtime, passage of (real) time, and money (spent on the game). Each resource generally has diminishing returns, and "optimal" strategies will strike a balance between all three: sporadic gameplay throughout the day over several months, with sufficient time invested to reach one's goals, while spending money on the highest value cash shop items to progress more quickly and efficiently. This guide will help new players make the best use of each resource.

In-game resources include the following:

AP Bar

  • AP: Mainly obtained by passage of time and used to start battles of all types, with the maximum limit determined by player rank (level). You can obtain more with half-elixirs gained as rewards from events and missions. You can also spend jewels/money for elixirs (not recommended). Note that use of AP regenerating consumables is not recommended until rank 50 since their benefit scales with maximum AP (rank). Beginners should save half-elixirs for Advent events.

BP Bar

  • BP: Mainly obtained by passage of time and used to join Raid Battles. You can obtain more with seed consumables obtained from events and missions. Beginners should save these for Burst time in Raid events.
  • Gems: Mainly obtained from Union events and Gem Quests. Mainly used for Weapon Enhancement (Gem Gatcha rolls), SSR kamihime Awakening, and Accessory Enhancement, but also used to a lesser extent throughout the game. This is not generally a scarce resource until late game.
Magic Jewels
  • Jewels: Used to expand the inventory and purchase Jewel Gatcha rolls. Spend your initial batch (new accounts should get 6k) on Gatcha while choosing an account. After that, max your inventory. It’s worth it.
Star Coin
  • Star Coins: The game’s premium currency. Miracle tickets and Guaranteed SSR Kamihime Gatcha are a good value for beginners.

This is only an overview and doesn’t include other important item resources, e.g., Draconic Eyes, limit break materials, event tokens, soul regalia, and many more. You’ll learn more about these as you play.

Understanding game mechanics[]

Being a Gatcha game, rerolling is essential for making the game progression easier.

If you wish to play casually, this is not necessary, but having a stronger starter account means it will be easier and faster to collect tickets and magic jewels from events, meaning more rolls in the Gatcha.

Rerolling is recommended if you plan to become a hardcore player.

Once you have an account you're satisfied with, you should read up on game mechanics to optimize your progression.

Nonsensei's guide is a good starting point that covers rerolling, basic gameplay mechanics and how to strengthen your main team.

nonsensei’s Guide

See also: Panel Missions, Combat Mechanics, Abilities, Shop