Kamihime Project Wiki
"A hero who stands alone against evil to reduce the number of unhappy people. She speaks and acts in a rough way, so as to not worry those she saves."
Benkei Close Tier S Class
Favourite Weapons Lance
Type Balance
Master Bonus Soul Attack +4% ATK
Release Conditions Romulus Lvl 20
Parashurama Lvl 20
500 SSP
Completion of
Stages 1 - 5 in Hall
of Research
Burst Icon Flash of Blade - Moksha
"A secret technique that Benkei learned through many battles. Like a storm of attacks, it kills those who stand in the way in one blow."
★ Element, DMG and Effects are dependent on equipped weapon
Ability 1
Dmg unafflicted Clear Autumn Water
Recoil damage to self (15% of max HP), DMG to all enemies commensurate to lost HP (3~10x, 1.500.000 cap) Cooldown: 3 Turns
Ability 2
Shining Excitement (Kingu) All of Nothing Unlocks at Level 5
Applies Desperate to all allies
(Normal ATK Final DMG↑ (Lucent Frame +30%) for a cost of 25% of current HP at the end of each turn)
Cooldown: 6 Turns
Period: 3 Turns
Ability 3
Rear Guard One's body is one's boldness Unlocks at Level 15
Ally guard Protects all allies *including AoE attacks
Available only when all allies have 50% or less HP
Cooldown: 6 Turns
Period: 2 Turns
Assist Dignity
Chance of being targeted↑, Fortitude Fortitude (permanent / non-erasable) to self at the start of battle
*If there are 4 or fewer allies in battle at the end of the turn, Fortitude Fortitude is removed.
Assist Seek in Death
Rebellion↑ (+30%) for all allies. All allies' Combo Attack rate↑ commensurate to lost HP
At the end of the turn, Atk up Defense Up ATK↑/DEF↑ (Stacking Frame +10%) to allies with 50% or less HP
Assist Fighting Spirit of Courage
Triple Attack rate↑ for Soul, when Desperate is active
★ Only active when Lance Musashibo is equipped
Assist Pride of the Rigid Warrior
When the Soul takes DMG, chance to shorten abilities' cooldown by 1 turn
★ Only active when Axe Oniwaka is equipped

Level Up Bonus[]

Level Bonus
1 Soul Attack +1000 ATK
5 Soul Attack +1000 ATK
10 Soul Attack +1000 ATK
15 Soul Attack +1000 ATK
20 Soul Attack +1000 ATK
Total Bonus Soul Attack +5000 ATK