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Benkei Musashibou is an SR.png SR rarity, WaterSymbol.png Water element, Defense.png Defense type Kamihime.
Her max level is 70, and her release weapon is Oniwaka.

Benkei Musashibou
"A clone of Benkei Musashibo, a hero who admired his master.
Usually a laid-back girl who drinks Kawakami Water, when she has to she gets things done.
Benkei Musashibou Close.png Rarity SR.png
Type Defense.png
Favourite Weapon/s Staff.png
Element WaterSymbol.png Water
Max level 70
Obtained from Premium Gacha
Magic Jewel Gacha
Release weapon Oniwaka
HP Attack Total Power
320 - 1600 1032 - 5160 1352 - 6760
Burst Icon.png Kongo Tenshin
Water DMG (3x Burst DMG) and resets the cooldown of Kawakami Water Supply
(Limit Break ★★★☆) Increases to 3,5x Burst DMG
Outrage.png Genji Cobra Twist
Water DMG to an enemy and applies Cobra Twist
(Lvl 45) Increases duration by 1 turn
Cooldown: 7 turns
Period: 2 (3) turns
Skill reflect.png Benkei's Firm Standing
Applies Defense Up.png Reflect (??%) and Taunt.png Taunt to self
(Lvl 65) Defense Up.png Reflect increased to (30%)
Cooldown: 7 turns
Period: 3 turns

Heal atk def up.png Kawakami Water Supply Unlocks at Level 35
Heals self for ???? HP and recovers 1 affliction Cooldown: 6 turns
Assist.png Genji Wrestling
Chance of being targeted up against enemies with Cobra Twist / Damage received↓