Blazing Hammer of Yata
"Ancient, legendary divine wand that can 'resurrect' the sun.
The hellfire that leaves the earth in ashes is feared as the retribution of the gods."
Blazing Hammer of Yata Rarity SSR
Type Hammer
Element FireSymbol Fire
Max Level 125
Obtained from Advent Battle vs Yatagarasu
Releases N/A
HP Attack Total Power
23 - 138 365 - 2190 388 - 2328
Burst Icon Burst Effect
Fire DMG (4x) and Effect (DMG↑ ???) of own abilities↑ (once)
★ (Limit Break ★★☆) Increases to Fire DMG (4,5x)
WS fire elaborate Burning Elaborate
Fire Characters' Ability DMG↑ (Medium)
WS fire defender Burning Defender
Fire Characters' Max HP↑ (Medium)

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