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Neithan02 Neithan02 23 February 2020

A Beginner's guide to speeding up your early game// the wonderful world of Epic Quests

Hello there, new player. I am here to tell you how to speed up your early game experience and tell you of the quickest way to strengthen your account and make you progress through Kamihime Project more quickly. Because they offer you access to useful weapons and eidolons on day 1 of your experience in Kamihime Project..

For more thorough explanations and practices I will not touch upon here,I strongly suggest you read  Nonsensei's Guide

  • 1 How do I get to do Epic Quests? And why should I do them early on?
  • 2 Okay I am lvl 20 and unlocked the quests, and know what my main element is, how do I proceed now?
    • 2.1 The Kamihime you can unlock are:
  • 3 Eidolons to farm
  • 4 Weapons to farm
    • 4.1  Weapons to farm for Fire Mains
    • 4.2 Weapons to farm for Water Mains:
    • 4.3 Wap…

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PanTurtle PanTurtle 4 November 2019

Raid Guardian Table

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Xkpaulo Xkpaulo 11 July 2018

Abilities page layout


As most of you already noticed, the Abilities recently saw some changes to its layout. LostArrow made a suggestion to group up abilities similar to the Characters page, in other words, using tabs.

The advantage of the current layout is that it should make it easier to navigate between the categories. The disadvantage, as someone already pointed out, you no longer can search (CTRL+F) the whole page for a certain ability or character. The old format was also slightly easier to edit, since I could just edit a particular section instead of the whole page.

What are your opinion in this matter? Do you prefer the old or new format? I'll leave a poll on the main page until next Wednesday (18th July 2018) and based on that and the comments h…

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