Cao Cao [Karin]
"A ringlet-haired hero. Ruler of the Kingdom of Wei.
She excels in both war and learning, but is rather flat-chested.
Cao Cao (Karin) Close Rarity SSR
Type Tricky
Favourite weapon Glaive
Element ThunderSymbol Thunder
Max level 80
Obtained from Premium Gacha
Magic Jewel Gacha
Release weapon Jue
HP Attack Total Power
320 - 1600 1620 - 8100 1940 - 9700
Burst Icon Wei's Thunder
Thunder DMG (4,5x Burst DMG)
(Limit Break ★★★☆) Increases to 5x Burst DMG
Combo up ability Wei's March
All allies' Combo UpTriple Up Combo Rate↑
(Lvl 55) Reduces the cooldown by 1 turn
Cooldown: 8 (7) turns
Period: 3 turns
Skill reflect Parry Command
Applies Defense Up Reflect (-40% DMG taken) to all allies
(Lvl 75) Increases number of active turns by 1
Cooldown: 6 turns
Period: 1 (2) turns
Chaos Magic Eternal Admiration of Wei Unlocks at Level 45
Deals Thunder DMG to an enemy and applies Darkness Blindness & Glamour Dizziness Cooldown: 7 turns
Period: 180 sec
Assist Retainer of Peace
Mode Gauge reduction rate↑

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  • Only available in Gacha from:
    • 22nd November 2017 to 10th December 2017
    • 9th October 2018 - 11th November 2018

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