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Creeping Flames of Madness is a FireSymbol Fire Raid Event available from:

  • 4th September 2017 to 12th September 2017
  • 10th November 2019 to 19th November 2019 [Nutaku Only]

Characters and Weapons Details Edit

Eidolon Edit

Attack HP Total Power
Name Portrait Rarity Element Min Max Min Max Min Max
Cthugha Cthugha Portrait SSR FireSymbol 251 1506 110 660 361 2166

Kamihime Edit

Attack HP Total Power
Name Portrait Rar. Elem. Type Min Max Min Max Min Max
Nodens Nodens Portrait SR WaterSymbol Healer 1160 5800 184 920 1344 6720

Weapons Edit

HP ATK Total Power
Name Image Rar. Elem. Type Skill Min Max Min Max Min Max
Aphoom Club Aphoom Club Portrait SR FireSymbol Hammer Assault (M) 11 66 305 1830 316 1896
Emperor Lance Emperor Lance Portrait SR WaterSymbol Lance Defender (M) 16 96 285 1710 301 1806
Fomalhaut Bow Fomalhaut Bow Portrait SSR FireSymbol Bow Defender (L) 24 144 331 1986 355 2130
Inferno Crown Inferno Crown Portrait SR FireSymbol Arcane Defender (M) 15 90 255 1530 270 1620

Enemies Edit

My Fiery Seed
RaidBlueStandard HP 700.000 Overdrive Meter 3 dots
Overdrive Attacks all enemies and applies Poisoned Poisoned
Raging: Applies Dizzy Dizzy instead.
Messenger from the Otherworld
RaidRedStandard HP 600.000 Overdrive Meter 3 dots
Overdrive Attacks all enemies and applies Attack Down Attack↓
Raging: Applies Blind Blinded instead.
The Coming Inferno
7thRaidBlueExpert HP 3.050.000 Overdrive Meter 2 dots
Overdrive Moderate damage to all enemies.

Raging: High damage to all enemies and Mode Gauge↑.

Angry Otherworld God
7thRaidRedExpert HP 3.000.000 Overdrive Meter 2 dots
Overdrive Attacks three targets.
Raging: High damage to one target and Mode Gauge↑.

Rewards Edit

Cthugha Portrait 5x Cthugha Fomalhaut Bow Portrait 4x Fomalhaut Bow Draconic Eye Shard 2x Draconic Eye Shards
Aphoom Club Portrait 4x Aphoom Club Inferno Crown Portrait 4x Inferno Crown Emperor Lance Portrait 4x Emperor Lance
Premium Gacha Ticket 22x Premium Gacha Tickets Raid Gacha Ticket 300x Raid Gacha Tickets Evolved Grimoire 5x Evolved Grimoire
Gems 50.000x Gems Magic Jewels 3.000x Magic Jewels Half Elixir 12x Half Elixir
(New x15, -3)
Seraph Ballista Portrait 5x Seraph Ballista Cherub Bow Portrait 30x Cherub Bow
(New x40, -10)
Dark Spirit Portrait 10x Dark Spirit
(New x29, -19)
SoulPoints 100x Soul Points Energy Seed 22x Energy Seed
(New x27, -5)
Arcane Grail Portrait 4x Arcane Grails
Flame Spirit Portrait 19x Flame Spirit
(New x0, +19)

Notes Edit

  • This event's battles, material collection and Ragnarok quest unlock function are the same as older raid events, and does not have event missions


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