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Crucible of Combat, also known as Union Event, is a limited time event wherein the player will collaborate with their Union mates to take down powerful enemies.

These events are one of the two ways to acquire Special Soul P (previously Holy Soul P before the release of the Seraph: Patience). The other being the Tower Medal Shop. Special Soul P can be saved up even after the event has ended, giving the player a chance to continue collecting more during the next Crucible of Combat in the event that they cannot unlock the Souls during this round.

Event Quests[]

This event includes 2 types of battles, Lilim Battles and Demon Battles. Lilim Battles are open to all players, but Demon Battles can only be joined by Union Members.

Lilim Battles are open to all players and comes with two difficulties, Standard and Expert . Victory in these battles will award the player Individual Participation Points (PP) and event exclusive Hallowed Grails, which can be consumed to proffer Empowerments that will affect union members in Demon Battles.

Hallowed Grails the player collects will be counted cumulatively with their Union. This means that if the player is not in a Union, they will have no way of using the Grails, so joining an Union before start collecting them is advisable.

Demon Battles are only accessible to players who are in a Union and are specifically open to players who are in the same union. There are 2 difficulty settings for Demon Battles, Expert and Ultimate. The Demon’s level and status will increase with each successful subjugation but their level and status will reset at 0:00 AM (PDT/PST) each day. Victory grants Individual PP, Union PP, and Subjugations based on difficulty.


The Union Leader, Sub Leader and Officers can apply Empowerments to all Union members by expending Hallowed Grails. These empowerments can be selected on the Demon Battle page. There are 8 varieties of Empowerments available, each of which can be set to a specified level. Expending 1 Hallowed Grail will add 1 point to the selected Empowerment. Each Empowerment can be leveled up to 100 up to a total of 400 Empowerment points. Empowerments will reset at 0:00 (PDT/PST) each day.

Type Increase
(Per level)
At Max Level Notes
Atk up
1% 100% Increases outgoing damage
Burst atk up




Increases Exceed DMG to all party members

(confirmed to not be streak as of the recent UE Buff change)

[?] Unconfirmed Estimate (From Previous Data)

1.5% 150% Increases HP of all party members
Healing power
?? ?? Increases healing done and its cap

(Increases Ascension)

Double Up
Double Attack Rate↑
0,3% 30% Increases the likelihood of a character performing a Double Attack
Triple Up
Triple Attack Rate↑
0,3% 30% Increases the likelihood of a character performing a Triple Attack
Debuff Hit Rate ?? ?? Increases the chance of landing debuffs on enemies
Affliction rst up
Affliction RST↑
?? ?? Decreases the chance of being hit by debuffs

Receiving Rewards[]

Rewards can be collected within a period after the end of the event. Rewards for Individual PP, Union PP, and Subjugations will be based on the Union the player is in for the duration of the event.

Union Function Limitation[]

The following Union features will be unavailable for the duration of the event:

  • Kick Member
  • Leave Union
  • Disband Union

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