"A Kamihime born of fear during Ragnarok.
She operates in secret from a fishing village.
Dagon Close Rarity R
Type Tricky
Favourite weapon Axe
Element WaterSymbol Water
Max level 50
Obtained from Magic Jewel Gacha
Premium Gacha
Release weapon Cult Gun
HP Attack Total Power
159 - 795 864 - 4320 1023 - 5115
Burst Icon Innsmouth Mere
Water DMG (2x Burst DMG)
(Limit Break ★★☆) Increases to 2,5x Burst DMG
Modegauge debuff Lost Sanity
Enemy Mode Gauge↓ (-25%)
(Lvl 45) Powered up
Cooldown: 8 turns
Dmg burst reduce Tentacle Hold Unlocks at Level 25
Deals Water DMG to an enemy and removes 1 active orb from the enemy overdrive meter Cooldown: 6 turns

Legend Edit

  • Originally a fertility god worshipped in ancient Mesopotamia, Dagon has since been widely appropriated in popular literature. Kamihime Dagon is based on the monstrous sea-god of the Cthulhu-mythos, initially described in H. P. Lovecraft's 1919 short-story "Dagon". The Kamihime's encounter story and burst-attack both reference Lovecraft's "The Shadow over Innsmouth" (1936), where Dagon is the patron deity of the town of Innsmouth, Massachusetts.
  • Cannot be used in the same party as the DarkSymbol Dark version, (Princess of Blasphemy) Dagon

Gallery Edit

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