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Character and weapon details Edit

Eidolon Edit

Attack HP Total Power
Name Portrait Rarity Element Min Max Min Max Min Max
Tiamat Tiamat Portrait SSR WaterSymbol 377 2262 86 516 463 2778

Kamihime Edit

Attack HP Total Power
Name Portrait Rar. Elem. Type Min Max Min Max Min Max
Kishar Kishar Portrait SR FireSymbol Defense 1008 5040 256 1280 1264 6320

Weapons Edit

HP ATK Total Power
Name Image Rar. Elem. Type Skill Min Max Min Max Min Max
Blue Sword Alflat Blue Sword Alflat Portrait SR WaterSymbol Sword Assault (M) 14 84 286 1716 300 1800
Flint Boulesis Flint Boulesis Portrait SR FireSymbol Gun Defender (M) 12 72 284 1704 296 1776
Precious Spear Tigris Precious Spear Tigris Portrait SR WaterSymbol Staff Defender (M) 11 66 292 1752 303 1818
Storm Bow Alvand Storm Bow Alvand Portrait SSR WaterSymbol Bow Assault (L) 19 114 382 2292 401 2406

Rewards Edit

Tiamat Portrait 5x Tiamat Storm Bow Alvand Portrait 4x Storm Bow Alvand Draconic Eye Shard 2x Draconic Eye Shards
Precious Spear Tigris Portrait 3x Precious Spear Tigris Blue Sword Alflat Portrait 3x Blue Sword Alflat Flint Boulesis Portrait 3x Flint Boulesis
Premium Gacha Ticket 22x Premium Gacha Tickets Raid Gacha Ticket 300x Raid Gacha Tickets Evolved Grimoire 5x Evolved Grimoire
Gems 50.000x Gems Magic Jewels 3.000x Magic Jewels Half Elixir 15x Half Elixirs
Arcane Grail Portrait 4x Arcane Grails Cherub Bow Portrait 40x Cherub Bows Aqua Spirit Portrait 29x Aqua Spirits
SoulPoints 100x Soul Points Energy Seed 27x Energy Seeds

Gallery Edit

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