EXP Spheres are an alternative to Enhance Materials for giving Kamihime, Eidolons and Weapons XP.

As of their implementation on 22nd May 2020, Epic Quests, Raids and Events will now reward EXP Spheres instead of Enhance Materials.

EXP Spheres are also obtained through selling existing Enhance Materials:

  • R Materials award 150 EXP Spheres
  • SR Materials award 750 EXP Spheres

Instead of requiring the Type or Element match for the 50% bonus XP.

They can be used through the enhance menu, 1 Sphere awards 1 XP.

Weapon EXP Sphere.jpg
Weapon EXP Sphere
Eidolon EXP Sphere.jpg
Eidolon EXP Sphere
Acce EXP Sphere.jpg
Acce EXP Sphere
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