A shining fang of a [Corona, Frost, Gale, Electric, Luminous, Chaos] Demogorgon
Corona Fang Obtained from
Materials Cave SP Quest
Material Shop (10 Dragon Bone, 3 Rune)
Used for
SR Kamihime 3rd Limit Break (1)
SSR Kamihime 2nd & 3rd Limit Break (1-3)
Awaken Kamihime 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Limit Break (1-7)
SSR Weapon Final Limit Break (10-20)
SSR Kamihime Accessory Slot Unlock (5-10)
Unlocking an S Class Soul: Stage 2 (150 of each element)
and Stage 5 (150 of chosen element)

Elemental Variations Edit

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