Kamihime Project Wiki

The glossary is a list of terms used within the context of Kamihime that may not be readily apparent in meaning to newer players, and their definitions.


  • AB - acronym for Auto Battle, auto mode without abilities. Also known as green auto.
    AB - Auto Battle with no active abilities used
  • AAB - acronym for Auto Ability Battle. Also known as red auto.
AAB - Auto Ability Battle with abilities used
  • Ascension - Weapon skill that increases your healing and healing cap.
  • Assault - Refers to a modifier that increases your Character Attack, mostly commonly in weapon skills
  • Affliction RST - Buff that reduces the chances of being afflicted with negative status effects
  • AQ - acronym for Accessory Quests, usually has a number afterwards to signify which difficulty.


  • Barrage - Weapon skill that increases your Triple Attack chance.
  • BG - acronym for Burst Gauge or Burst Gain.
  • BP - abbreviation for Black Propaganda. A skill from Mordred that increases overdrive meter which can also be used as an EX. Skill
  • BT/BH - abbreviation for Burst time or Burst Hour.
  • Brick - See Pink Brick


  • Character Attack - The Atk value displayed on party screen
  • CM - abbreviation for Chaos Magic. Ex Skill from Cassiopeia which dispels one enemy buff.


  • DA - abbreviation for Double Attack
  • DATA - abbreviation for Double Attack & Triple Attack
  • Defender - Refers to a modifier that increases your Character HP, mostly commonly in weapon skills
  • Dispel - Refers to any skill that removes one or more buffs from an enemy.
  • DoT - abbreviation for Damage over Time


  • Elaborate - Weapon skill that increases your ability damage and ability cap.
  • Ex - Abbreviation for Extra Skill. Skills you get from Souls for levelling them.
  • Exceed - Weapon skill that increases your burst damage and burst cap.


  • FBL/FLB - abbreviation for Final Break Limit. Also known as FLB Final Limit Break. It's the Final Limit Break on weapons that unlock new abilities or improved weapon skills.
  • Fluffy - nickname for Managarmr
  • Fodder - weapons and eidolons used as resources to upgrade
  • Fortitude - A status effect that automatically revives the character with 1 HP, after fatal damage.


  • GO - abbreviation for Guild Order
  • gemu - acronym for Gem Caves which are the primary source for gems.
  • Grid - Weapons grid, which is a key factor to a party's overall combat statistics.
  • Guards (Guardians) - Daily raid quests to fight elemental guardians (ie. Hagith). They usually require a party to defeat.


  • Host - The player who spends AP to start a raid.
  • HSP - abbreviation for Holy Soul Point
  • Hundo - 100% Eidolon - Refers to the gacha eidolons that gives 100% or more elemental attack (Belial, Kirin, Hraesvelgr, Rudra, Managarmr, Anubis)


  • LB - short for Limit Break


  • Magic Jewel - Currency for free Premium Gacha draws.
  • MGRR - abbreviation for Mode Gauge Reduction Rate. Refers to an effect in an Accessory
  • MLB - abbreviation for Max Limit Break
  • Monkey - Slang for DMM, the maker of the game. Usually refers to DMM version of the game, as opposed to the Nutaku version.
  • Mtix - acronym for Miracle Ticket.
  • MVP - The player that earns the most PP in a raid battle. MVP and the 2nd place player (VMVP) both get extra drops.


  • Null - Unofficial term for non-elemental. Also known as Phantom element (Official)


  • Ougi - Charge attack in Japanese (Overdrive)
  • Oppression - Debuff that Prevents Enemies from Gaining any Orbs to activate Ougi for it’s duration


  • Phantom - acronym for non elemental
  • PF - abbreviation for Provisional Forest. A skill from Shingen that consumes 50BG for 3T burst buff for your team. This ability can also be used as an EX ability.
  • Pink Brick - Unofficial name for Holy Steel Argentum. An item used to limit break SSR weapons without having a copy of said weapon (also allows SSR weapons to be Final Limit Broken without the required items)
  • PP - abbreviation for Participation Points
  • Ptix - acronym for Premium Ticket.
  • Pride - Refers to a weapon skill that increases character Atk as their HP lowers


  • QB - short for Kyuberē (キュベレー), the way Japanese pronounce Cybele's name


  • Rags (Ragnarok) - Daily raid quest to fight the Ragnarok level catastrophe bosses.
  • Rush - Weapon skill that increases you Double Attack chance.


  • SL - abbreviation for Skill Level
  • SP - abbreviation for Soul Points
  • SR - abbreviation Super Rare, a rarity above R and lower than SSR.
  • SSR - abbreviation for Super Super Rare, which is the highest rarity ingame
  • Stat Stick - A weapon or Eidolon used for its HP and ATK stats.
  • Stinger - Weapon skill that increases your critical hit chance. (Only works with elemental advantage)
  • Soft Cap - A maximum attainable value before diminishing returns are applied.


  • TA - abbreviation for Triple Attack
  • Taco - Slang for Nutaku. Usually refers to Nutaku version of the game, as opposed to the DMM version.
  • T(number) - The tier of a soul. Lancelot is a T1 soul and Arthur is a T3 soul.


  • UE - abbreviation for Union Event


  • VoF - abbreviation for Vicissitudes of Fortune, Mordred's second ability.


  • Whale/Whaling - refers to a player spending lots of money to get the characters/weapons/eidolons they want