Guild Receptionist

Guild Receptionist

Bounty which is distributed through the Guild, will bring forth very strong enemies to be challenged through this permanent content. In the quest battle, Missions are included. When completed, will rewards the player with Point Rewards. In accordance with cumulated amount on mission points through the bounty period, various Reward can be obtained. Guild Order can be accessed from Rank 51 and above.

Bounty Periods Edit

Guild Order is updated at a 2 weeks cycle period. The flow of a cycle is as follows.

  • Bounty, Mission, Point Rewards are updated.
  • (After a week passed)
  • Update of Missions
  • (After a week passed)
  • Rewards claiming period & Mission Points reset
  • (Return to 1 with a new period starting)

Bounty Edit

  • The enemy written on the Bounty can be challenged.
  • Quest battles can be attempted once per day.
  • While in a Quest Battle, elixirs cannot be used.
  • The content of Bounties will have its content updated on a 2 weeks basis.
  • After the content has been updated, the previous content will become unavailable.

Missions Edit

  • Many Missions are included into a Quest Battle.
  • By completing missions, mission points are obtained.
  • Missions for a given Bounty are separated into two parts available for 1 week each, thus when a first week is over, the missions content are updated for its second half content.
  • Once mission contents are updated, the previous mission content becomes unavailable.

Points Rewards Edit

  • In accordance with the cumulative amount of mission points obtained during a bounty, Rewards can be claimed.
  • The content of Rewards is updated along with a Bounty update.
  • When Rewards get updated, the accumulated mission points is also reset,
  • Please be aware that, once Point Rewards are updated, previous rewards cannot be claimed.
Reward Mission
1 Half Elixir 5 x Half Elixir 8 Magic Jewels 500 x Magic Jewel
2 Energy Seed 15 x Energy Seed 10 Orichalcon 1 x Orichalcon
3 Evolved Grimoire 1 x Evolved Grimoire 12 Evolved Grimoire 2 x Evolved Grimoire
4 Magic Jewels 300 x Magic Jewel 15 Grimoire of Apotheosis 2 x Grimoire of Apotheosis
5 Grimoire of Apotheosis 1 x Grimoire of Apotheosis 18 Orichalcon 1 x Orichalcon
6 Orichalcon 1 x Orichalcon 20 Orichalcon 2 x Orichalcon

Bounty List Edit

Cycle 1 (Multiple Enemies per wave)
Crom Cruach Portrait
Crom Cruach
Jormungandr Portrait
Quetzalcoatl Portrait
Yggdrasil Portrait
Saint Nicholas Portrait
Saint Nicholas
Dullahan Portrait

Cycle 2 (Miniboss Rush)
Cthugha Portrait
Reiki Portrait
Spirit Turtle
[Reiki] (Shadow)
Icarus Portrait
Sandalphon Portrait
Barong Portrait
Jack O'Lantern Portrait
Jack O'Lantern

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