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Saint Nicholas Bounty.png

Saint Nicholas [Shadow] is a Guild Order bounty. It features light enemies and was available on the following dates:

  • 7th October 2018 to 20th October 2018
  • 30th December 2018 to 12th January 2019
  • 24th March 2019 to 6th April 2019

Quest Details[]

Enemy HP Overdrive Meter Overdrive / Abilities
Battle 1
Zantman Small Portrait.png
650.000 1 Applies Paralysis.png Paralysis to one enemy
Pixie Small Portrait.png
650.000 1 Applies Dizzy.png Dizzy to two enemies
Satyr Small Portrait.png
1.100.000 2 Deals ~2000 DMG to three enemies. Enemies afflicted with Paralysis or Dizzy take an extra ~2000 DMG
Battle 2
Slime Small Portrait.png
950.000 2 Overdrive Applies Blind.png Blinded (Strong) and Burst Gauge↓ (-20%) to all enemies
Triggered Ability
(First turn)
Applies Blind.png Blinded (Strong) to all enemies
Serket Small Portrait.png
600.000 2 Applies Poisoned.png Poisoned (5T) to all enemies
Kunumu Small Portrait.png
650.000 2 Deals water DMG to all enemies
Battle 3
Luminous Demogorgon Small Portrait.png
Luminous Demogorgon
3.000.000 2 Deals medium DMG to five random enemies
Battle 4
Sirrush Hypocrisy Small Portrait.png
Sirrush Hypocrisy
800.000 3 Deals damage to all enemies and applies Double Up.pngTriple Up.png Combo Rate↑ (60 sec) to all allies
Note: She has the highest ATK among the three enemies
Luminous Demogorgon Small Portrait.png
Shine Gorgon
2.000.000 3 Deals ~3.000 DMG to four random enemies
Light Knight Bellis Small Portrait.png
Light Knight Bellis
1.200.000 1 Applies Defense Up.png DMG Cut (100%, 2 times) to all allies
Battle 5
Saint Nicholas Small Portrait.png
Saint Nicholas [Shadow]
7.500.000 2 Normal Overdrive Deals ~3.000 DMG to three enemies and applies Atk up.png ATK↑ to self
Raging Overdrive Deals ~1.500 DMG per each affliction she has to all enemies
Triggered Ability
(First turn)
Applies a 10.000 HP Regen.png Regeneration (Permanent. Cannot be dispelled) and Defense Down.png DEF↓ (-23%. Permanent) to self


  • Saint Nicholas have 13 base DEF. On her first turn, she'll give herself a DEF debuff and bring it back to the standard value, 10. The purpose of this mechanism is to lower the effectiveness of DEF debuffs on the player side. Normally it would be possible to lower the DEF of an enemy down to 5, but against Saint Nicholas, 6,5 is the lowest


Week 1 Week 2
Complete Stage 2 Clear Guild Order quest with 1 Kamihime of each Types (without retiring)
Complete Stage 3 Complete Stage 3
Complete Stage 4 Complete Stage 4
Clear the quest once Clear the quest once
Clear using Lancelot type Soul (Arthur) Clear using Olivier type Soul (Joan of Arc)
Clear with 5 or more surviving Clear with 7 or more surviving
Clear last battle within 25 turns Clear last battle within 15 turns
Clear the quest without retiring Clear the quest without retiring
Clear with 3 or more SR Kamihime without retiring Clear with 3 or more R Kamihime without retiring
Clear with 3 or more Offense Kamihime without retiring Clear with 3 or more Healer Kamihime without retiring