"A remarkable sniper who fights using a drone and a rifle.
She has superb skills, but she suffers from androphobia and delusional disorder."
Janus Close Rarity SR
Type Tricky
Favourite weapon -
Element WaterSymbol Water
Max level 70
Obtained from Premium Gacha
Magic Jewel Gacha
Release weapon Fluxio Rifle
HP Attack Total Power
264 - 1320 1196 - 5980 1460 - 7300
Burst Icon Reaper Sniping
Water DMG (3x Burst DMG)
(Limit Break ★★★☆) Increases to 3,5x Burst DMG
Question mark ability Drone Request
Adds a Drone token to one ally (Stackable??, Max. ??)
(Lvl 45) Powered Up
Cooldown: 4 Turns
Period: 15 Turns
Immunity Leiphide
Invulnerability Nullifies all attacks against self
(Lvl 65) Powered Up
Cooldown: 6 Turns
Period: 1 Turn
Dmg unafflicted Close Air Support Unlocks at Level 35
Deals DMG to an enemy based on the number of drones (On all allies? Only on self?) Cooldown: 6 Turns
Assist Supportive Shoot
ATK↑ (+??%) and DEF↑ (+??%) for all allies with a drone (per ally?, stackable?)

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