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Nike - a caring and gentle Kamihime.

Kamihime are former humans that were able to obtain god-like powers. They possess strong magic and incredible prowess. Most of them lost their memories after Ragnarok and are now trying to prevent a second one.

Acquiring Kamihime[]

There are three ways at present of obtain new Kamihime. Gacha, clearing Episodes in the Main Quest and doing Raid Events. When a weapon associated with the Kamihime is acquired via the Gacha for the first time, the Kamihime will join the player's party. Unlike weapons and Eidolons, there is no limit to the number of Kamihime one may hold at any time.

Main Quest
These Kamihime can be unlocked by playing the main story. Unlike most Kamihime, they don't have a release weapon.
Gem Gacha
The following list show the Kamihime available on Gem Gacha.
Raid Events
Login bonus,
Available for a limited time in Magic Jewel Gacha and/or Premium Gacha.
Crossover and Collaboration
This kind of event can happens once in a lifetime, there's no guarantee about a rematch. When this event end it's impossible obtain these Kamihime.
Dragon Providence X Kamihime Project
12th June 2017 - 21st June 2017
22nd January 2018 ~ 30th January 2018
Koihime † Musou Crossover
21st November 2017 - 10th December 2017
9th October 2018 - 11th November 2018
Koihime † Musou Crossover Part 2
20th November 2018 - 25th December 2018
Princess Knights Story
20th August 2018 - 20th September 2018
Grisaia X Kamihime Collabo
3rd October 2019 - 4th November 2019
Haruhi X Kamihime Project
13th January 2020 - 11th February 2020
18th March 2021 - 1st April 2021
DWU X Kamihime Collabo
12th October 2020 - 10th November 2020
Majikoi! Collaboration
16th July 2021 - 1st August 2021
Koihime † Musou Crossover Part 3
30th September 2021 - 15th October 2021


Kamihime can have one of five available types:

  • Offense - Offense Kamihime have the highest damage output. Usually they're capable of buffing their own damage or lowering enemies' defenses. They have high ATK but low HP.
  • Defense - With abilities to help mitigate damage, these Kamihime have higher survivability at the cost of lower damage. They have high HP and low ATK.
  • Balance - They're a mix between Offense and Defense. Their kit has both offensive and defensive abilities.
  • Healer - Healers have abilities that restore HP to allies and/or cure afflictions. Overall, they can increase the party survivability but, unlike Defense Kamihime, are incapable of preventing burst damage (e.g: enemy Overdrive).
  • Tricky - They can help control the fight either by debuffing enemies, applying negative statuses to enemies or by buffing allies.


Kamihime gain abilities when certain conditions are met, as detailed in the table below. Some are entirely new skills not available before and some are upgrades to either their basic, or obtained skills. New skills are acquired after viewing scenes in the Harem system. Harem episodes are unlocked at the levels stated below. Ability upgrades are automatically applied when the Kamihime reaches the level threshold.

Abilities are divided into three categories: Burst Abilities, Active Abilities and Assist Abilities (Passives).

  • Burst Abilities are activated whenever a Kamihime uses a Burst Attack once her Mode Gauge is at 100.
  • Active Abilities can be activated at will by the player between attack turns and cost zero turns to activate, but remain in cooldown before they can be used again.
  • Assist Abilities are always active as long as the Kamihime is in the active Party and their effects apply to themselves only.
Rarity Requirement Effect
R Basic Moderate Burst, one Active Ability
Level 25 (★ ☆ ☆) Second Active Ability available through Harem
★ ★ ☆ (current level irrelevant) Burst damage increased
Level 45 (★★★) First Active Ability improved
SR Basic High Burst, two Active Abilities, one Assist Ability
Level 35 (★ ☆ ☆ ☆) Third Active Ability available through Harem
Level 45 (★ ★ ☆ ☆) First Active Ability improved
★ ★ ★ ☆ (current level irrelevant) Burst damage increased
Level 55 (★ ★ ★ ☆) Second Harem episode available, rewarding Magic Jewels
Level 65 (★ ★ ★ ★) Second Active Ability improved.
SSR Basic Extreme Burst, two Active Abilities, one Assist Ability
Level 45 (★ ☆ ☆ ☆) Third Active Ability available through Harem
Level 55 (★ ★ ☆ ☆) First Active Ability improved
★ ★ ★ ☆ (current level irrelevant) Burst damage increased
Level 65 (★ ★ ★ ☆) Second Harem episode available, rewarding Magic Jewels
Level 75 (★ ★ ★ ★) Second Active Ability improved
SSRplus Basic Maximum Burst, three Active Abilities, one Assist Ability
Level 45 (★ ☆ ☆ ☆) Third Active Ability improved.
Level 55 (★ ★ ☆ ☆) Assist Ability improved
Level 65 (★ ★ ★ ☆) First Active Ability improved
Level 75 (★ ★ ★ ★) Second Active Ability improved.


Kamihime can be enhanced in two ways - using them in battle will allocate EXP to them if they are in the active team and enhancing them with materials will allocate EXP to them outside of battle.

Cave of Gold Ore, better known as Experience Cave, is the best place to farm experience and rank points. It can be done twice a day from Monday to Saturday and is limitless on Sunday. It provides around 5.000 exp per run for the cost of 25 AP.

Two types of materials are available that can be used to enhance a Kamihime, weapons and Arcanum. Similar, to enhancing Eidolons, weapons of the same element of the Kamihime will grant an extra +50% EXP, but since the player will normally obtain more EXP than is required and will have multiple Kamihime stuck at their level caps using weapons to upgrade them is not recommended unless transferring their bonus bonuses.

Arcanum are a special items available only from Premium Gacha or the Shop. Arcanum of Life costs 100 Magic Jewels or Star coins and grants 30.000 EXP to one Kamihime. Arcanum of Universe costs 1 Draconic Eye and grants 300.000 EXP.

The level limits of the various rarities are as follows:

Rarity Base Level Limit Extra Available Levels per Star Number of Available Stars Maximum Level Number of Available Harem Scenes
R 20 10 3 50 2
SR 30 10 4 70 3
SSR 40 10 4 80 3
SSRplus 40 10 4 80 2

Note that Kamihime involved in the Main Story may have a number of additional Harem Scenes under the Main Story. That number is applicable only to the specific Story Kamihime.


Awakening a Kamihime unleashes their full potential by increasing their base stats, maximum stats, burst attack and improving their abilities. In order to awaken a Kamihime she needs to be level 80 and all of her episodes must be cleared. This process requires three Draconic Eyes. Once awakened, she will revert to level 1 and gain new episodes.

Limit Break[]

Limit Break is the process of increasing the level cap of your Kamihime. The number of breaks and the requirements for breaking the limit depends on the Rarity of your Kamihime: Rare Kamihime can have their limit broken up to 3 times, while SR, SSR and Awakened Kamihime can have their limit broken up to 4 times. The number of golden stars on a Kamihime's icon indicates the number of limit breaks done for that Kamihime.


In general, Kamihime require a mix of the following materials to have their limit broken:

Type Icon Obtained from
Holy Stones Tier 1 - Sacred Stone Shard
  • All tiers can be obtained from daily SPs quests (except Sunday). Higher difficulty SP quests have better odds of dropping higher tier materials
  • Tier 1 can also be obtained from daily quests (Beginner)
  • Tier 2 can also be obtained from weekly quests (Standard)
  • Tier 3 (Standard and higher)
  • Tier 4 (Expert)
  • Tier 2-4 are also available in the Exchange Shop
Tier 2 - Holy Jewel of Light
Tier 3 - Holy Crystal of Light
Tier 4 - Holy Star of Light
Dragon Bones Tier 1 - Dragon Bone of FireDragon Bone of WaterDragon Bone of LightningDragon Bone of WindDragon Bone of LightDragon Bone of Darkness
  • Tier 1 Dragon Bones can be upgraded to second tier in the Exchange Shop
Tier 2 - Dragon Bone of HeliolatryDragon Bone of IceDragon Bone of ThunderDragon Bone of Fluttering VerdancyDragon Bone of Flashing LightDragon Bone of Obsidian
Fangs Tier 1 - Corona FangFrost FangElectric FangGale FangLuminous FangChaos Fang
  • Rare drop from SP quests of the corresponding element
Tier 1 - Lithograph of FireLithograph of WaterLithograph of LightningLithograph of WindLithograph of LightLithograph of Darkness
  • First tier can be upgraded to second, and second tier to third in the Exchange Shop
Tier 2 - Lithograph of Scorching HeatLithograph of IceLithograph of Electrical LightningLithograph of Raging WindLithograph of Holy LightLithograph of the Abyss
Tier 3 - Flame RuneFrozen RuneLightning RuneCyclone RuneLuminous RuneRune of Darkness
Idea Cores Tier 1 - Blazing Idea CoreFrozen Idea CoreElectric Idea CoreHowling Idea CoreFlashing Light Idea CoreDark Idea Core
  • Obtain from Raids of the corresponding element (Tier 2 elements only available in Expert and Ragnarok raids)
Tier 2 - Prison of Fire, Idea CorePrison of Ice, Idea CorePrison of Lightning, Idea CorePrison of Wind, Idea CorePrison of Light, Idea CorePrison of Darkness, Idea Core
Grimoires Tier 1 - Evolved Grimoire
  • Used only for the final Limit Break for SR and SSR rarities and the last two Limit Breaks for Awaken rarity
    • Tier 1 used for SR and Awaken
    • Tier 2 used for SSR and Awaken
  • Obtained from Events ONLY
Tier 2 - Grimoire of Apotheosis


The requirements for Limit Breaking are based on the current limit break level of the Kamihime.

Note: Where any Elemental Material is concerned, only the Material corresponding to the Kamihime's element is required.


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