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Labyrinth Exploration - Temple of Blizzard - Banner.jpg

Labyrinth Exploration - Temple of Blizzard is a WaterSymbol.png Water Labyrinth Event available from:

  • 11th August 2020 to 17th August 2020

With the release of Temple of Thunder, Labyrinths now reward EXP Spheres instead of Enhance Materials. There is also a number of various features and changes, including saving a new starting point every 10 laps, enemy scaling and a reduction in the AP required to start the Ultimate floors.

Weapon Details[]

HP ATK Total Power
Name Image Rar. Elem. Type Skill Min Max Min Max Min Max
Creativity Washer Lance Creativity Washer Lance Portrait.jpg SSR.png WaterSymbol.png Lance.png Assault (M)
Arrange 3rd: Intercept
17 102 383 2298 400 2400
Genesis Cane Fountain Cane Genesis Cane Fountain Cane Portrait.jpg SSR.png WaterSymbol.png Staff.png Assault (M)
Arrange 4th: Regen
21 132 361 2166 382 2298
Sword Desword Sword Sword Desword Sword Portrait.jpg SSR.png WaterSymbol.png Sword.png Elaborate (M)
Assault (S) / Strength (S)
17 102
384 2304
401 2406


  • Note: Rewards will go to the "Will Expire" tab in the gift box even if there is room for them to be received
Sword Desword Sword Portrait.jpg 4x Sword Desword Sword Creativity Washer Lance Portrait.jpg 4x Creativity Washer Lance Genesis Cane Fountain Cane Portrait.jpg 4x Genesis Cane Fountain Cane
Draconic Eye Shard.jpg 2x Draconic Eye Shards SR+ Gacha Ticket.jpg 1x SR or Higher Kamihime Weapon GT Premium 10 Chain GT.jpg 1x Premium 10 Chain GT
Grimoire of Apotheosis.jpg 15x Grimoire of Apotheosis Evolved Grimoire.jpg 15x Evolved Grimoire Gems.jpg 1.500.000x Gems
Magic Jewels.jpg 3.000x Magic Jewels Half Elixir.jpg 100x Half Elixirs Energy Seed.jpg 200x Energy Seeds
Acce EXP Sphere.jpg 16.000x Acce EXP Sphere Weapon EXP Sphere.jpg 105.000x Weapon EXP Sphere Eidolon EXP Sphere.jpg 150.000x Eidolon EXP Sphere
Orichalcon.jpg 1x Orichalcon SoulPoints.jpg 500x Soul Points Special Soul P.jpg 150x Special Soul Points
False Grail Yaldabaoth Portrait.jpg 5x False Grail Yaldabaoth Arcane Grail Portrait.jpg 20x Arcane Grail Frost Fang.jpg 20x Frost Fang
Dragon Bone of Ice.jpg 40x Dragon Bone of Ice Dragon Bone of Water.jpg 80x Dragon Bone of Water Frozen Rune.jpg 20x Frozen Rune
Lithograph of Ice.jpg 40x Lithograph of Ice Lithograph of Water.jpg 80x Lithograph of Water Holy Star of Light.jpg 10x Holy Star of Light
Holy Crystal of Light.jpg 40x Holy Crystal of Light Holy Jewel of Light.jpg 80x Holy Jewel of Light Sacred Stone Shard.jpg 80x Sacred Stone Shard