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Lightning Clockwork Angel - Banner.jpg

Lightning Clockwork Angel is a ThunderSymbol.png Thunder Raid Event available from:

  • 26th April 2017 to 3rd May 2017

With the release of Vow of Love Overcoming Hardship, Raid Events now reward EXP Spheres instead of Enhance Materials.


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Characters and Weapons Details


Attack HP Total Power
Name Portrait Rarity Element Min Max Min Max Min Max
Sandalphon Sandalphon Portrait.png SSR.png ThunderSymbol.png 100 600 250 1500 350 2100


Attack HP Total Power
Name Portrait Rar. Elem. Type Min Max Min Max Min Max Weapon Fav
Gabriel Gabriel Portrait.png SR.png WaterSymbol.png Balance (Icon).png 978 4890 232 1160 1210 6050 Arcane.png


HP ATK Total Power
Name Image Rar. Elem. Type Skill Min Max Min Max Min Max
Elijah Ballista Elijah Ballista Portrait.jpg SSR.png ThunderSymbol.png Bow.png Defender (L) 30 180 322 1932 352 2112
God Hand God Hand Portrait.jpg SR.png WaterSymbol.png Hammer.png Assault (M) 15 90 282 1692 297 1782
Sandalph Wing Sandalph Wing Portrait.jpg SR.png ThunderSymbol.png Arcane.png Defender (M) 15 90 265 1590 280 1680
Sword of Brightness Collbrande Sword of Brightness Collbrande Portrait.jpg SR.png LightSymbol.png Sword.png Assault (M) 16 96 264 1584 280 1680


Sandalphon Portrait.png 5x Sandalphon Elijah Ballista Portrait.jpg 4x Elijah Ballista Sandalph Wing Portrait.jpg 4x Sandalph Wing
Sword of Brightness Collbrande Portrait.jpg 4x Sword of Brightness Collbrande God Hand Portrait.jpg 4x God Hand Draconic Eye Shard.jpg 2x Draconic Eye Shards
Premium Gacha Ticket.jpg 22x Premium Gacha Tickets Raid Gacha Ticket.jpg 300x Raid Gacha Tickets Evolved Grimoire.jpg 5x Evolved Grimoire
Gems.jpg 50.000x Gems Magic Jewels.jpg 3.000x Magic Jewels Half Elixir.jpg 12x Half Elixirs
Energy Seed.jpg 22x Energy Seeds Weapon EXP Sphere.jpg 8.250x Weapon EXP Sphere Eidolon EXP Sphere.jpg 4.350x Eidolon EXP Sphere
SoulPoints.jpg 100x Soul Points Arcane Grail Portrait.jpg 4x Arcane Grails

Event Missions

Name Description Rewards
Clear Event Quest (Daily) Start and clear 3 raid battles Half Elixir.jpg
2x Half Elixir
Assist Quest (Daily) Assist in 3 raid battles Energy Seed.jpg
5x Energy Seed
R Expert Clear an Raid Battle on Expert
with only R Kamihime and without support
Raid Gacha Ticket.jpg
30x Raid Gacha Tickets
Fire Ragnarok Clear an Raid Battle on Ragnarok with only
FireSymbol.png Fire Kamihime and Souls and without support
Raid Gacha Ticket.jpg
50x Raid Gacha Tickets