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Mammon [Awakened] is an SSRplus.png SSR+ rarity, ThunderSymbol.png Thunder element, Offense.png Offense type Kamihime.
Her max level is 80, and she does not have a release weapon.

Mammon [Awakened]
"Without gold, Mammon understands her worth and realises her true power.
She gains confidence as her fighting style becomes more impressive."
Mammon (Awakened) Close.png Rarity SSRplus.png
Type Offense.png
Favourite Weapon/s Gun.png
Element ThunderSymbol.png Thunder
Max level 80
Obtained from Awaken Mammon
Release weapon N/A
HP Attack Total Power
312 - 1560 2260 - 11300 2572 - 12860
Burst Icon.png Aurum Radius
Thunder DMG (5,5x Burst DMG) and applies a guaranteed stack of Snatch.png Item Drop Rate↑
Dmg thunder.png Lexplander+
Deals Thunder DMG (190.000) to an enemy and applies up to three stacks of Snatch.png Item Drop Rate↑.
(Lvl 65) Increase to up to four stacks of Snatch.png Item Drop Rate↑, and additionally when the enemy has 9 stacks of Snatch.png Item Drop Rate↑, grant a Lucky.png Golden Seal to self
Cooldown: 3 turns
Dmg def down.png Optimus Levin
Deals 2~2.5x (190.000) Thunder DMG to all enemies and applies Defense Down.png DEF↓
(C Frame -20%)
(Lvl 75) Guarantees Defense Down.png DEF↓ to land if target has at least 3 stacks of Snatch.png Item Drop Rate↑ and increases DMG cap (400.000)
Cooldown: 7 turns
Period: 180 sec

Dmg unafflicted.png Carthus Dizia
Deals DMG (700.000) commensurate to the snatch level
(1~1.5x base, +1x per Snatch stack) to one enemy
(Lvl 45) Activates twice when the target has least 6 stacks of Snatch.png Item Drop Rate↑
Cooldown: 6 turns

Buff ATK.png El Dorado Unlocks at Level 45
Consumes a Lucky.png Golden Seal to apply Burst atk up.pngBurst atk up.png Burst DMG and Limit↑ (+500% DMG/100% Cap up) and Ability up.pngAbility up.png Ability DMG and Limit↑ (? Frame +50% DMG/30% Cap up) to self (permanent and undispellable). This skill can be reactivated if she is knocked out and revived. Cooldown: 0 turns
Assist.png Cupidus Intension
ATK↑ (+8% per stack) commensurate with Snatch depth
Assist.png Gilded Fever Unlocks at Level 75
Reduces the cooldown of Carthus Dizia by 1 turn at the end of every turn when in possession of a Lucky.png Golden Seal