Mus Dream
"A special sharp sword made for throwing. Once thrown,
the blade files around and searches for the enemy as if it has a mind of its own."
Mus Dream Rarity SR
Type Glaive
Element DarkSymbol Dark
Max Level 85
Obtained from Kamihime & Fruits Corrupting Feast of the Two Worlds
Releases N/A
HP Attack Total Power
14 - 84 275 - 1650 289 - 1734
Burst Icon Burst Effect
Dark DMG (3x)
★ (Limit Break ★★☆) Increases to Dark DMG (3,5x)
WS dark vigoras Abyss Vigoras
Dark Characters' ATK↑ commensurate to left HP ratio (Medium)

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Notes Edit

  • This weapon is based on a real life throwing weapon known as a Boomerang.

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