Button party

The Party screen allows players to set Souls, Kamihime, Weapons and Eidolons to take into battle. Currently, a player can make up to 12 parties.

Characters Edit

Up to 7 characters can be set per party of any rarity, however, a party can only contain one instance of a Kamihime.

The order they appear in battle is as the following:

  • First is always a Soul
  • Second and third are front-line Kamihime
  • Fourth and fifth are back-line (rear-line) Kamihime
  • Sixth and seventh are substitute Kamihime.
    Where they are placed in the previous 5 slots in battle depends on which ally falls in battle.

Weapons Edit

Up to 12 weapons can be set per party of any rarity, however the first weapon must be one that the Soul can wield. Souls can only wield weapons that match their favourite weapon

Eidolons Edit

Up to 6 Eidolons can be set, the first being the main Eidolon. Some Eidolon effects (passive effects), such as Gandharva's DMG taken↓, are only applied when the Eidolon is set in the main slot.

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