2nd Players Choice Character Poll

Players' Choice Character Polls are time-limited events that let the players vote up their favourite kamihime in each rarity (SSR, SR, and R), and then increases the highest voted characters in each rarity's drop rate in a special gacha once the voting phase has ended. Spending AP and clearing battles grant Support Points (1:1 ratio) as a token for exchanging with rarity ballots to vote an equivalent rarity kamihime.

Dates Occurred Edit

  • 4th October 2017 — 15th October 2017
  • 4th June 2019 — 19th June 2019

Ballots Exchange Edit

Every 10 support points can be exchanged for 1 voting ticket of each rarity.

1 ticket is equivalent to 1 vote when consumed.

Suport Points Required 10 10 10
Voting Ticket Rarity SSR Ballot
SR Ballot
R Ballot

Rewards Edit

Voting will grant you various rewards such as Magic Jewels, Premium Gacha Tickets, Half Elixirs, Energy Seeds, Gems, and Enhancement Materials.

Total vote count refers to the sum of all consumed voting tickets, not votes per rarity.

Item Premium Gacha Ticket
Premium Gacha Ticket
Kamihime Gacha Ticket
Kamihime Weapon Gacha Ticket
SR+ Guaranteed GT
SR or Higher Gacha Ticket
Quantity 9 3 2

Item Gems
Magic Jewels
Magic Jewels
Half Elixir
Half Elixir
Energy Seed
Energy Seed
Draconic Eye Shard
Draconic Eye Shards
Quantity 150 000 1 500 30 50 3

Ranking Edit

The ranking displays top votes in tabs by rarity and will be updated every 00:00 PDT, however it still is uncertain being top 11 and below displayed instead. Proper ranking will be displayed once the voting phase is done.

Notes Edit

  • Only characters who were released before the start of the event will be in the voting pool.
  • Limited edition characters will not be included in the voting pool.
    • Collaboration Events Characters (e.g: Celia, Akane, etc) are exempted and included in the voting pool.
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