Poseidon [Awakened]
"Poseidon Who overcame past trauma to realize her greatest power.
She drives a shell tank that can crush enemies who stand in her way.
Poseidon (Awakened) Close Rarity Awaken
Type Defense
Favourite weapon Lance
Element WaterSymbol Water
Max level 80
Obtained from Awaken Poseidon
Release weapon N/A
HP Attack Total Power
460 - 2300 1780 - 8900 2240 - 11200
Burst Icon King Atlantis
Water DMG (5,5x Burst DMG)
Dmg atk down Vortical Sea
Deals Water DMG to an enemy and applies Atk down ATK↓ (A Frame -20%)
(Lvl 65) Reduces the cooldown by 1 turn
Cooldown: 7 (6) Turns
Period: 180 sec
Dmg water Tidal Deluge
Deals Water DMG to all enemies and applies 7000 DMG Drowned Drowned Cooldown: 6 Turns
Period: 180 sec
Buff affliction rst Pure Aqua Unlocks at Level
Affliction immune Blocks one affliction for all allies and Fire up Fire RST↑ (35%)
(Lvl 45) Increases the number of active turns by 2
Cooldown: 8 Turns
Period: 2 (4) Turns
Assist Seawater Barrier
DEF↑ (+5%)
(Lvl 55) DEF↑ (+8%)
(Lvl 75) DEF↑ (+8%). +20% DEF against drowned enemies to all allies

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