Kamihime Project Wiki
Prison Idea Core
Core of the legendary Disaster, which holds [Ferocious: Flames, Ice, Winds, Thunder, Darkness] / [Tremendous Light] .
Prison of Fire, Idea Core Obtained from
Raid Quests
Material Shop (3 Idea Core, 6 Gem Fragment)
Eidolon Orb Exchange (15 Eidolon Orb)
Used for
SR Kamihime 4th Limit Break (3)
SSR Kamihime 3rd and 4th Limit Break (3 for 3rd, 5 for 4th)
SSRplus Kamihime 3rd and 4th Limit Break (5 for both)
SSR Kamihime Accessory Slot Unlock (5 for 4th, 10 for 5th)
Starting Disaster Raids (Ultimate) (3)
Unlocking an S Class Soul: Stage 3 (250 of each element)
Unlocking Machine Beasts Stage 1 (100) and Stage 2 (100)

Elemental Variations[]