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Advent Quests are weekly reprints of past Advent Events in a format similar to advent battles.

The first Advent Quests were released on the 5th October 2020.

In comparison to Advent Events:

  • Weapons, Eidolon, Grimoires (LB Books), and Demonic Cores do not reset between cycles, i.e. are once only
  • Removed MJ and tickets, but added new rewards: Seeds, Runes and Fangs
  • Seeds, Half Elixirs, Weapon and Eidolon EXP Spheres, SP, Runes and Fangs do reset between cycles
  • Added 20N to 1SR and 20R to 1SSR exchange (are drop rates different?)

Cycle Info[]

Cycle A
Typhon Small Portrait Rahab Small Portrait Garuda Small Portrait Mastema Small Portrait Sphinx Small Portrait Medusa Small Portrait ↻ Once
Cycle B
Yatagarasu Small Portrait Vritra Small Portrait Kyuki Small Portrait Ixion Small Portrait Phoenix Small Portrait Apocalypse Small Portrait ↻ Once
Restarts at Cycle A: Typhon

Advent Quest List[]

Number Cycle Image Advent Quest Element First Appearance
1 A Typhon Portrait Typhon (Advent Quest) FireSymbol 5th October 2020
2 A Rahab Portrait Rahab (Advent Quest) WaterSymbol 12th October 2020
3 A Garuda Portrait Garuda (Advent Quest) EarthSymbol 19th October 2020
4 A Mastema Portrait Mastema (Advent Quest) ThunderSymbol 26th October 2020
5 A Sphinx Portrait Sphinx (Advent Quest) LightSymbol 2nd November 2020
6 A Medusa Portrait Medusa (Advent Quest) DarkSymbol 9th November 2020
1 B Yatagarasu Portrait Yatagarasu (Advent Quest) FireSymbol 28th December 2020
2 B Vritra Portrait Vritra (Advent Quest) WaterSymbol 4th January 2021
3 B Kyuki Portrait Kyuki (Advent Quest) EarthSymbol 11th January 2021
4 B Ixion Portrait Ixion (Advent Quest) ThunderSymbol 18th January 2021
5 B Phoenix Portrait Phoenix (Advent Quest) LightSymbol 25th January 2021
6 B Apocalypse Portrait Apocalypse (Advent Quest) DarkSymbol 1st February 2021