Aratoron Portrait Dark Guardian of Madness
Difficulty AP Cost Material Cost Min Rank
Ragnarok 60 3 Shadow Gem Idea Regalia Shadow Gem Idea Regalia 71
Dark Guardian of Madness
Aratron Small Portrait HP ATK DEF DMG Overdrive meter
Ragnarok 200,000,000  ??? 10  ? 4
Overdrive Scatody Astell 3x Strong Random Dark Elemental Attack
Raging Overdrive Skull Vulyaft AoE Dark Elemental Attack + -30BG to all
Abilities Skuia Wear ATK up (180sec) & DATA rate up (Unlimtied Duration)
Valos Pressure

Dark ATK up (180 sec) White Skeleton, Dark Skeleton (Unlimited Duration)

  • Attack Actions
    • First Action -> Cast Skulia Wear
    • If HP >40% -> Cast Valos Pressure
  • White Skeleton: On Double Attack -30BG
  • Black Skeleton: On Triple Attack Debuff Paralyze 2T
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