Haggith Portrait Light Guardian of Ridicule
Difficulty AP Cost Material Cost Min Rank
Ragnarok 60 3 Light Gem Idea Regalia Light Gem Idea Regalia 71
Light Guardian of Ridicule
Haggith Small Portrait HP ATK DEF DMG Overdrive meter
Ragnarok 210,000,000  ??? 10  ? 2
Overdrive Porth Amateru Deals AoE Dmg + Enemy ATK up (1T) + Enemy Def down (1T)
Raging Overdrive Sphere Rampage Deals AoE Dmg + Enemy Dark ATK up (1T) + Enemy Light RST down (1T)
Abilities Akutina Rain AoE Light Elemental Attack
Efodosu Laser 7x Random Light Element Attack
Beridrope Cannon 6x Random Light Element Attack


  • Attack Actions
    • If HP >50%, First Action -> Cast Peridrope Cannon & Self Cleanses of all debuffs & Self Buffs ATK up 3x
      • If Enemy has DEF down -> Cast Akutina Rain
      • If Enemy has Light RST down -> Cast Efodosu Cannon
  • If Haggith is Stunned and is less than >50% HP she will not cast Beridrope Cannon
  • If Haggith is Stunned None of her Abis will Activate
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