Bethor Portrait Gale Guardian of Rampage
Difficulty AP Cost Material Cost Min Rank
Ragnarok 60 3 Gale Gem Idea Regalia Gale Gem Idea Regalia 71
Element Guardian of Trait
Bethor Small Portrait HP ATK DEF DMG Overdrive meter
Ragnarok 250,000,000  ??? 10  ? 4
Overdrive Anemos Asuteru Random 3x Wind Damage [Damaged based on Debuffs to Self] & Applies 3x Paralysis Paralysis Random
Raging Overdrive Arrow Brace Tail

AoE Wind Damage [Damaged based on Debuffs to Self] & Applies Poisoned Poison 3T (750 Dot) to all Enemies & Applies Defense Up Def up to Self (100% Def up)

Abilities Diablo Shi Sukuaru AoE Wind Damage & Applies Poisoned Poison 4T (1,000 DoT)
Anarisutori Gale AoE Wind Damage & Applies Atk down ATK Down 3T
Sufarima - Storm AoE Wind Damage & Applies Darkness Blind 3T
Chakraxte Wind AoE Wind Damage & Applies Defense Down Def Down 3T
Billavie Clear Cleanses Self of All Debuffs


  • Attack Priority
    • HP at <50% Cast Billavie Clear *Once
      • If Orb Charge 0 -> Cast Diablo Shi Sukuaru
      • If Orb Charge 1 -> Cast Anarisutori Gale
      • If Orb Charge 2 -> Cast Sufarima - Storm
      • If Orb Charge 3 -> Cast Chakraxte Wind
  • If Overdrive has been increased to 5, 4th Orb Charge she will Normal Attack
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