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Raid Events are limited-time events featuring powerful enemies in Raid Battles. Event-exclusive equipment is obtainable, as well as Kamihime release weapons that gives access to new Kamihime.

Raid Event Quests[]

Raid Event Quests are split into four types: Scenario Quests, Raid Quest [Standard], Raid Quest [Expert] and Raid Quest [Ragnarok].

Scenario Quests cost no AP to join. Like normal Raid Quests, Standard Raid Quests require AP to summon Raid bosses to fight. Unlike Standard Raid Quests, Expert Raid Quests require both AP and Event materials earned in Standard Raid Quests to summon Raid bosses for combat.

In a similar way, Ragnarok Raid Quests also needs AP and event materials from the previous difficulty, Expert, in order to summon the boss. If a support request arrives for either quest type, BP can be used instead to join the battle.


Defeating enemies will grant Divine Souls, Devil Souls, Participation Points (PP) and event-exclusive tickets.

Divine Souls and Devil Souls will give access to all kinds of rewards, including Limit Break/Enhance materials, and event-exclusive Weapons and Eidolons. In order to unlock all the rewards, 250 Divine Souls and 100 Devil Souls are required.

PP are used to obtain extra Raid Gacha Tickets and 3,000,000 PP are required to unlock all of them. Gacha Tickets can only be used during the event period and can award the player event-exclusive equipment, Seeds, Gems and N rarity equipment, often with a +1 Bonus Point attached to them.

Souls and Gacha Tickets are not carried over to the next time a raid event is held. (Note: It is possible to carry over Gacha Tickets earned from the PP reward table by not redeeming them from the Gift Box. As long as they're in there, the game will not delete them)

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