Romantic Freezer
"Built using a machine that freezes fruit, this weapon is a banana, frozen to look like a sword. Although the frozen banana can be pretty tough, it can melt on rare occasions."
Romantic Freezer Rarity SR
Type Sword
Element WaterSymbol Water
Max Level 85
Obtained from Premium Gacha
Magic Jewel Gacha
Releases (Sweet Refreshment) Freja
HP Attack Total Power
15 - 90 311 - 1866 326 - 1956
Burst Icon Burst Effect
Water DMG (3x)
★ (Limit Break ★★☆) Increases to Water DMG (3,5x)
WS water assault Blizzard Assault
Water Characters' ATK↑ (Medium)

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  • Only available from August 23, 2018 to September 30, 2018

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