Shamash is an SSR SSR rarity, LightSymbol Light element, Tricky Tricky type Kamihime.
Her max level is 80, and her release weapon is Mystic Code of Hammurabi.

"A Kamihime of justice and law. She lives by the code,
'an eye for an eye' and dispenses justice to criminals that cross her path."
Shamash Close Rarity SSR
Type Tricky
Favourite weapon Arcane
Element LightSymbol Light
Max level 80
Obtained from Premium Gacha
Magic Jewel Gacha
Release weapon Mystic Code of Hammurabi
HP Attack Total Power
200 - 1000 1750 - 8750 1950 - 9750
Burst Icon Row Punisher
Light DMG (4,5x Burst DMG). Reduces 1 charge turn from the target
(Limit Break ★★★☆) Increases to 5x Burst DMG
Intercept ability Equal Talionis
Applies Intercept Intercept, Taunt Taunt and a 300 HP Regen Energy Drain (3T) to self
(Lvl 55) Reduces the cooldown by 1 turn
Cooldown: 7 (6) turns
Period: 3 turns
Dmg heal Idea Proof
Deals DMG based to lost HP and heals self for 1500 HP
(Lvl 75) Increases DMG done
Cooldown: 6 turns
Combo up ability Rexa Pride Unlocks at Level 45
Regen up (Icon) Healing received↑ (+50%) and Atk up Counterattack (30%~90%) to self Cooldown: 8 turns
Period: 3 turns
Assist Legal Guard

Notes Edit

  • 11th May 2018 Rebalance Update
    • Equal Talionis - Increased Taunt Attention's chance of being targeted
  • 22nd March 2019 Rebalance Update
    • Row Punisher - Reduces a charge from the target now
    • Equal Talionis - Attention duration decreased from 5 to 3 turns and Intercept DMG increased to max 250000
    • Rexa Pride - Counterattack DMG increased from 20%~80% to 30%~90%
  • Cannot be used in the same party as the FireSymbol Fire version, (Ocean Guardian) Shamash

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