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Shop interface

The Shop system is where some of the various miscellaneous currencies in the game are spent to buy rewards. From the main interface it is possible to enter three main types of shops: Star Points / Magic Jewel store, the Material Exchange store and Accessory Points store, as well as buy promotional items from the sliding banners below.

Star Coin Magic Jewel Exchange - Banner Draconic Eye Exchange - Banner
Material Exchange - Banner Idea Core Regalia Exchange - Banner
Magna Cravis Labro Vomos Book Exchange - Banner Ktenos Code Exchange - Banner
Medal Exchange - Banner Acce P Exchange - Banner
Eidolon Orb Exchange - Banner Nike Medal Exchange - Banner

Other Shops[]

Event Materials[]

This store's inventory depends on the active Event.

Token Exchange[]

In the Token Exchange, you can trade Materials obtained on Weapon Battlefields for Lucent Weapons and Machine Beasts.