No. Both are different from each other in terms of role. Eros leans toward defense buffs/debuffs while Tishtrya leans toward offense buffs. However when it comes to being a core to a team you're building, then Tishtrya is usually suggested because she greatly buffs your hitters and fully heals them which is a general thing. Eros is usually suggested according to the content you're playing against such as debuff-oriented bosses like Dark Catastrophe (gradually consumes your team's HPs or disables your team) and heavy attack-oriented bosses like Light Catastrophe (beams that may instantly kill some members in your team).

tl;dr: No because Tishtrya (general, brute force / yolo) and Eros (defensive) have different role.

I don't know what your team is but I hope my answer gets you more idea what to do with them. Feel free to drop by at the wiki's Discord to get more or better answers to your question if mine's pretty confusing or misleading.

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