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Status Effects


Icon Name Code
Atk up Attack Up
Ability up Ability DMG Up
Burst atk up Burst Attack Up
Atk upAbility upBurst atk up Max DMG Up
Crit up Critical rate up
Defense Up Defense Up
Double Up Double Attack Rate Up
Triple Up Triple Attack Rate Up
Double UpTriple Up Combo Attack Rate Up
Intercept Counter Attack
Affliction rst up Affliction Resist Up
Affliction immune Affliction Immunity
Ally guard Guards Allies
Invulnerability Invulnerability
Taunt Increases chance to be targetted
Target reduce Reduces Chance To Be Targetted
Hideout (Icon) Cannot be targetted by single-unit attacks
Burst up Burst Up
Rage down Reduces Rage Gauge
Berserk Rampaging
Lucky I'm Feeling Lucky
Spread (Icon) Spread
Fortress Fortress
Follow up (Icon) Follow-Up


Icon Name Code
Charge Charge
Chernobog Power Chernobog Power
Block magic Block Magic (Pluto)
Allies of the sea (Icon) Allies of the sea (Neptune)
Angelia (Icon) Angelia (Mikuru Asahina)
Virus (Icon) Virus (Akhkhazu)
Soul Satiety (Icon) Soul Satiety (Ymir)
Double trick (Icon) Double Trick (Ra)
Sword Equip (Icon) Sword Equip (Takeminakata)
Erosion (Icon) Erosion (Lakshmi)
Countdown (Icon) Countdown (Metatron Awakended)
Whip's Heat (Icon) Whip's Heat Lv (Youkai Empress) Mammon
Crime (Icon) Crime (Wind Yamaraja)
Analysis (Icon) Analysis (Agaliarept)
Attack Command (Icon) Attack Command (Culyune)
Defense Command (Icon) Defense Command (Culyune)
Act State (Icon) Acting State (Pandia)
Chochin (Icon) Chochin ([Wisp of Affection] Ereshkigal)
Wind Speed (Icon) Wind Speed ([Mikoshi Gale] Susanoo)
Avatar (Icon) Avatar (Jiutian Xuannu)
Drill (Icon) Drill (Gefjon)
Petals (Icon) Petals ([Crimson Fragrance] Kubera)
Drone (Icon) Drone (Janus)
Chocomint (Icon) Chocomint ([Refreshing Dessert] Apep)
Warrior Form (Icon) Warrior Form ([Kaleidoscopic Flame Blade] Frey)
Saber Form (Icon) Saber Form ([Kaleidoscopic Flame Blade] Frey)
Lancer Form (Icon) Lancer Form ([Kaleidoscopic Flame Blade] Frey)
Byakhee (Icon) Byakhee ([Vampire King in Yellow] Hastur)
Musical (Icon) Musical ([Echoing Wind] Cyclops)
Talisman (Icon) Talisman ([Dancing Shrine Maiden] Nike)
Metal Discharge (Icon) Metal Discharge ([Sun and North Wind] Boreas)
Scout (Icon) Scout (Leto)
Petals White (Icon) white petals ([Flower Wind Ceremony] Phoibe)
Arrow (Icon) Arrow
Bullet red (Icon) Bullet Red (Aristaeus)
Bullet yellow (Icon) Bullet Yellow (Aristaeus)
Bullet blue (Icon) Bullet Blue (Aristaeus)
Mirage (icon) Illusion ([Festival Lantern] Charis)
Ability Cooldown (Icon) ability Restart

Iris' Sabers

Icon Name Code
Saber red Red Saber
Saber orange Orange Saber
Saber yellow Yellow Saber
Saber green Green Saber
Saber cyan Cyan Saber
Saber blue Blue Saber
Saber purple Purple Saber
Saber rainbow Rainbow Saber

Healing Buffs

Icon Name Code
Regen Regeneration
Regen up (Icon) Increased Regen Rate
Auto revive Auto Revive
Fortitude Fortitude

Elemental Buffs

Icon Name Code
Fire up Fire ATK/RST Up
Water up Water ATK/RST Up
Wind up Wind ATK/RST Up
Thunder up Thunder ATK/RST Up
Light up Light ATK/RST Up
Dark up Dark ATK/Rst Up


Icon Name Code
Attack Down Attack Down
Defense Down Defense Down
Double down Double Attack Rate Down
Triple down Triple Attack Rate Down
Double downTriple down Combo Attack Rate Down
Overdrive up Overdrive Meter Up
Affliction rst down Affliction Resist Down
Affliction rate down Affliction Rate Down
Plague Cursed
Doomed Doomed
Decay Zombified

Elemental Debuffs

Icon Name Code
Fire down Fire RST Down
Water down Water RST Down
Wind down Wind RST Down
Thunder down Thunder RST Down
Light down Light RST Down
Dark down Dark RST Down


Icon Name Code
Poisoned Poisoned
Scorched Scorched
Putrefied Putrefied
Drowned Drowned
Ignite poison Ignite Poison

Crowd Control

Icon Name Code
Blind Blinded
Dizzy Dizzy
Paralysis Paralysis
Stun Extension Stun Extend
Drowsiness Drowsiness
Confusion Confusion
Frenzy Frenzy
Flamebind (Icon) Flamebind

Enemy Only

Icon Name Code
Petrified Petrified
Doomed Doomed
Depleted Depleted
Chained Sealed
White Skull White Skull
Black Skull Black Skull
Energy Scourge Energy Scourge
Exhausted Exhausted
Mode Gauge Reduction Rate Down Mode Gauge Reduction Rate Down


Icon Name Code
Snatch Snatch
Lock on Lock-on


Icon Name Code
FireSymbol Fire
WaterSymbol Water
ThunderSymbol Thunder
EarthSymbol Wind
LightSymbol Light
DarkSymbol Dark
PhantomSymbol Phantom

Soul Bonus

Icon Name Code
Soul Attack Soul Attack Bonus
Gauge Restriction Gauge Restriction
HP soul bonus HP
Healing power Healing Power
Dmg to afflicted Damage to Afflicted
Soul ability dmg Ability Damage
Soul def Defense
Soul affliction rst Affliction RST
Soul double up Double Attack Rate Up
Soul triple up Triple Attack Rate Up
Soul snatch Snatch

Accessories Bonus

Icon Name Code
Mode Gauge Reduction Rate Up
Affliction Rate Up Affliction Rate Up


Icon Name Code
Awaken SSR+
SRplus SR+

Kamihime/Soul Types

Icon Name Code
Offense (Icon) Offense
Defense (Icon) Defense
Balance (Icon) Balance
Healer (Icon) Healer
Tricky (Icon) Tricky
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