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The Graceful Water and The Destroying Flame - Banner.jpg

The Graceful Water and The Destroying Flame is a FireSymbol.png Fire Raid Event available from:

  • 30th April 2021 to 9th May 2021

With the release of Calamity Beast and The Dual Star Guardian, Raid Events have been reworked with different difficulties available and a different set of rewards.
With the release of Angel's Valentine, Raid Events have replaced the items Arcane Grails and False Grail Yaldabaoths for Skill Spheres (800 in total).

Characters and Weapons Details


Attack HP Total Power
Name Portrait Rarity Element Min Max Min Max Min Max
(Rescue Machine) Medjed (Rescue Machine) Medjed Portrait.png SSR.png FireSymbol.png 116 696 305 1830 421 2526


Attack HP Total Power
Name Portrait Rar. Elem. Type Min Max Min Max Min Max Weapon Fav
(Brave Paramedic) Lir (Brave Paramedic) Lir Portrait.png SR.png LightSymbol.png Defense (Icon).png 1000 5000 330 1650 1330 6650 Lance.png


HP ATK Total Power
Name Image Rar. Elem. Type Skill Min Max Min Max Min Max
Blaze Slaughter Blaze Slaughter Portrait.jpg SSR.png FireSymbol.png Sword.png Assault (L)
Defender (S)
20 120 370 2220 390 2340
Hazard Breaker Hazard Breaker Portrait.jpg SR.png LightSymbol.png Lance.png Defender (M) 21 126 252 1512 273 1638
Heat Sterilizer Heat Sterilizer Portrait.jpg SR.png FireSymbol.png Glaive.png Rush (S) 17 102 272 1632 289 1734
Skull Impact Skull Impact Portrait.jpg SR.png FireSymbol.png Gun.png Assault (M) 20 120 256 1536 276 1656


(Rescue Machine) Medjed Portrait.png 5x (Rescue Machine) Medjed Blaze Slaughter Portrait.jpg 4x Blaze Slaughter Heat Sterilizer Portrait.jpg 4x Heat Sterilizer
Skull Impact Portrait.jpg 4x Skull Impact Hazard Breaker Portrait.jpg 4x Hazard Breaker The Graceful Water and The Destroying Flame Material.jpg 22x Raid Hosting Materials
Premium Gacha Ticket.jpg 20x Premium Gacha Tickets SSR Guaranteed Gacha Ticket Shard.jpg 2x SSR Guaranteed Gacha Ticket Shards Raid Gacha Ticket.jpg 116x Raid Gacha Tickets
Magic Jewels.jpg 3.000x Magic Jewels Grimoire of Apotheosis.jpg 4x Grimoire of Apotheosis Evolved Grimoire.jpg 6x Evolved Grimoire
Gems.jpg 60.000x Gems Half Elixir.jpg 12x Half Elixirs Energy Seed.jpg 47x Energy Seeds
SoulPoints.jpg 100x Soul Points Weapon EXP Sphere.jpg 12.900x Weapon EXP Sphere Eidolon EXP Sphere.jpg 4.650x Eidolon EXP Sphere
False Grail Yaldabaoth Portrait.jpg 4x False Grail Yaldabaoths Arcane Grail Portrait.jpg 4x Arcane Grails Orichalcon.jpg 1x Orichalcon
Draconic Eye Shard.jpg 2x Draconic Eye Shards

Event Missions

Name Description Rewards
Assist Quests (Daily) Join/Assist in 5 raid event battles
(Not your own Hosts)
Magic Jewels.jpg
50x Magic Jewels
R Expert Clear an Raid Battle on Expert
with only R Kamihime and without support
Raid Gacha Ticket.jpg
5x Raid Gacha Tickets
Light Ragnarok Clear an Raid Battle on Ragnarok with only
LightSymbol.png Light Kamihime and Souls and without support
Raid Gacha Ticket.jpg
10x Raid Gacha Tickets
Rag+ Solo Clear an Raid Battle on Ragnarok+ without support Raid Gacha Ticket.jpg
15x Raid Gacha Tickets