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The Guests' Terror of Encroaching Lightning is a Thunder raid event available from 25th November 2018 to 3rd December 2018

Event Guide[]

This is a Thunder Raid so bringing your Wind team is highly suggested.


Normal overdrive - AoE damage with a 3 turn Blind and Self Dodge Up (Which means that your girls will have a slightly harder time hitting her, unless you dispel it)

Rage overdrive - AoE damage with a 4 turn Zombie and 10% Regen for 2 turns on your party. This means that because of the zombie you will get hurt for 2 additional turns by 10% each turn (Max 1000 HP).

Special Attack - During Rage phase only, if anyone is afflicted with Zombie (Unsure if this is your party only, or all attackers. I’m leaning towards your party only) she will do a Random 5 hit attack with High Damage.

You’ll want to avoid the raging burst as best you can. If you can’t avoid it, then Behemoth or some other affliction blocking/removing Kami will be very helpful in keeping that Zombie affliction off of you. The Normal Burst will be quite annoying because of the Blind and her Dodge causing you to hit much less. As usual the suggestion would be to push up her rage bar and save Burst and Abilities (if needed) to get her to stun before burst. Or, you could also take the rage burst and get her to stun before she has another chance to attack and do the massive 5 hit attack, but you will take 20% damage plus the AoE if you do this.

Standard – 1,000,000 HP, 3T Overdrive meter
Expert – 4,000,000 HP, 2T Overdrive meter
Ragnarok – 12,000,000 HP, 2T Overdrive meter

Raid Reward Requirements[]

Divine Soul (Blue) – 250
Demon Soul (Red) – 100
Participation Points (PP) – 3,000,000


SSR Eidolon – Tartarus - This Eido has 40% Elemental Damage bonus with a Double Attack Rate up (Thunder Version of Tiamat Passive). Her active ability is Dodge Rate up for team. She’s decently strong with 594 HP and 1950 Atk. With +99 she would be just under 3k total power.

SSR Thunder Arcane - This weapon is decently strong at 132 HP and 2160 Atk. It’s skills are Assault+ and Rush+. If you still have any SRs on your Thunder weapon Grid, I would suggest replacing them with this. If you already have full SSR Thunder Grid, then this will probably not fit in very well and will most likely be fodder.

SR Fire Glaive - This weapon is StingerM skill and has strong atk stats. 48 HP 1842 ATK. The problem with Stinger, is that it only works vs weak element. I would not suggest adding this to your grid and think it is best used as fodder. This is also the release weapon for the event SR.

SR Thunder Staff - This weapon is weak and has Exceed+ which increases burst damage and burst cap. I think that this is best used as fodder.

SR Thunder Lance - This weapon is Atk+ skill and has decent stats. 66 HP 1752 ATK. If you still need Atk weapons for your Thunder Grid, consider adding this one.

Event Missions[]

Daily Missions - Starting and Joining missions will get you 2 HE and 5 Seeds per day
Rare Kami Challenge - Defeat Expert Solo with R Kami for 30 Raid Gacha Tickets
Ragnarok Solo Challenge - Defeat Ragnarok Solo with Fire Team for 50 Raid Gacha Tickets

I find it easiest to do the Expert and Ragnarok missions during Burst hour, also there is no mention of not using Elixirs.

Characters and weapon details[]


Attack HP Total Power
Name Portrait Rarity Element Min Max Min Max Min Max
Tartarus Tartarus Portrait.png SSR.png ThunderSymbol.png 99 594 325 1950 424 2544


Attack HP Total Power
Name Portrait Rar. Elem. Type Min Max Min Max Min Max Weapon Fav
Themis Themis Portrait.png SR.png FireSymbol.png Offense (Icon).png 1320 6600 200 1000 1520 7600 Glaive.png


HP ATK Total Power
Name Image Rar. Elem. Type Skill Min Max Min Max Min Max
Cog Wilcane Cog Wilcane Portrait.jpg SR.png ThunderSymbol.png Staff.png Exceed (M) 15 90 271 1626 286 1716
Garing Spear Garing Spear Portrait.jpg SR.png ThunderSymbol.png Lance.png Assault (M) 11 66 292 1752 303 1818
Iruption Knife Iruption Knife Portrait.jpg SR.png FireSymbol.png Glaive.png Stinger (M) 8 48 307 1842 315 1890
Lightning Cell Dainamos Gear Lightning Cell Dainamos Gear Portrait.jpg SSR.png ThunderSymbol.png Arcane.png Assault (M)
Rush (M)
22 132 360 2160 382 2292


Tartarus Portrait.png 5x Tartarus Lightning Cell Dainamos Gear Portrait.jpg 4x Lightning Cell Dainamos Gear Draconic Eye Shard.jpg 2x Draconic Eye Shards
Iruption Knife Portrait.jpg 3x Iruption Knife Garing Spear Portrait.jpg 3x Garing Spear Cog Wilcane Portrait.jpg 3x Cog Wilcane
Premium Gacha Ticket.jpg 22x Premium Gacha Tickets Raid Gacha Ticket.jpg 300x Raid Gacha Tickets Evolved Grimoire.jpg 5x Evolved Grimoire
Gems.jpg 50.000x Gems Magic Jewels.jpg 3.000x Magic Jewels Half Elixir.jpg 15x Half Elixirs
Arcane Grail Portrait.jpg 4x Arcane Grails Cherub Wing Portrait.jpg 40x Cherub Wing Thunder Spirit Portrait.png 29x Thunder Spirit
SoulPoints.jpg 100x Soul Points Energy Seed.jpg 27x Energy Seeds