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Raphael (Awakened) Portrait

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----- S Class Weapon Descriptions -----

Caspar A:
| A machine gun with excellent speed and range, once used by Kaspar.
| It releases scorching heat able to pass through any obstacle and hit its target.

Caspar B:
| A demonic gun that confers Kaspar great power. The soul of the victim
| gets imprisoned in a cage made of flames and offered to the demon Samiel (Samael? Sariel?).

Paracelsus Staff:
| A long staff in which Paraselcus mounted the philosopher's stone.
| A hign concentration of magic amplifies the power of fire, killing all beings.

Paracelsus Tome:
| A magical tome created by Paracelsus by using a brain from a living being.
| That person's grudge summons a magic flame containing her pain for it to fall on the enemy.

Yorimitsu Bow:
| The yumi Yorimitsu received from the emperor. The beast roar
| released with each arrow turns into flames that surround the area.

Yorimitsu Lance:
| Yorimitsu received this Naginata [long sword] from the emperor.
| While being wielded, a silent dance it performed that draws beautiful trajectories.

| A sacred gun a skilled craftsman offered as a tribute at Raijin's festival.
| That gun, which witnessed many festivals, it said to have Raijin's power.

Todo List:Edit

  • Work on Event Module and new automatic Navbox
  • Vague idea for a visual list of all Kamihime here
  • Using my abondoned Soul Type Header for improving the navbox at the footer of soul pages

Milestones Edit

Nidhoggr Portrait
5th January 2019
(First Hundo: Magic Jewel Gacha)
Seiryu Portrait
19th June 2020
(First Holy Beast: Premium Ticket Gacha)
Medea Portrait
2nd July 2020
(First S Class Soul)

SR and R Kamihime to collectEdit

SR and R Kamihime I don't have:
SR SR Non-Limited
SR SR Limited
R R Non-Limited
R R Limited

My SSR KamihimeEdit

(Black Flame Maid) Amon Portrait
(Black Flame Maid) Amon
(Dazzling Flame) Artemis Portrait
(Dazzling Flame) Artemis
(Kaleidoscopic Flame Blade) Frey Portrait
(Kaleidoscopic Flame Blade) Frey
Ares (Awakened) Portrait
Ares (Awakened)
Dakki Portrait
Mars Portrait
Vahagn Portrait
(Surfing Beast King) Cybele Portrait
(Surfing Beast King) Cybele
Cthulhu (Awakened) Portrait
Cthulhu (Awakened)
Ryu-Oh Portrait
Saraswati Portrait
Vohu Manah Portrait
Vohu Manah
Aether Portrait
Arianrod Portrait
Azazel (Awakened) Portrait
Azazel (Awakened)
Cu Chulainn (Awakened) Portrait
Cu Chulainn (Awakened)
Odin (Awakened) Portrait
Odin (Awakened)
Isis Portrait
Athena Portrait
Jupiter Portrait
Mammon Portrait
Raiko (Awakened) Portrait
Raiko (Awakened)
Tyr (Awakened) Portrait
Tyr (Awakened)
Ymir Portrait
Frey Portrait
Iris Portrait
Lugh Portrait
Metatron (Awakened) Portrait
Metatron (Awakened)
Michael (Awakened) Portrait
Michael (Awakened)
Raphael (Awakened) Portrait
Raphael (Awakened)
Sol (Awakened) Portrait
Sol (Awakened)
Tishtrya Portrait
Berith Portrait
Erebus Portrait
Hades (Awakened) Portrait
Hades (Awakened)
Nephthys Portrait
Pluto Portrait
Thanatos (Awakened) Portrait
Thanatos (Awakened)

My FLB +99 WeaponsEdit

Brutal Lance Typhoeus Portrait
Brutal Lance Typhoeus
Holy Flame Gun Portrait
Holy Flame Gun
Rage Burnout Punisher Portrait
Rage Burnout Punisher
Fire Bow Guilty Wrath Portrait
Fire Bow Guilty Wrath
Holy Fire Blade Humility Portrait
Holy Fire Blade Humility
Vada Blade Portrait
Vada Blade
Lazy Bow Hail Punisher Portrait
Lazy Bow Hail Punisher
Water Sickle of Guilty Sloth Portrait
Water Sickle of Guilty Sloth
Aqua Justice Patience Portrait
Aqua Justice Patience
Garuda Deva Portrait
Garuda Deva
Blade of Guilty Lust Portrait
Blade of Guilty Lust
Crescent Desire Breath Punisher Portrait
Crescent Desire Breath Punisher
Bow of Kyuki Portrait
Bow of Kyuki
Gluttony Lance Bolt Punisher Portrait
Gluttony Lance Bolt Punisher
Thunder Gun of Guilty Gluttony Portrait
Thunder Gun of Guilty Gluttony
Lightning Ax Kindness Portrait
Lightning Ax Kindness
Electric Enforcer Portrait
Electric Enforcer
Dazzling Gold Carbine Portrait
Dazzling Gold Carbine
Abu Ru Haul Portrait
Abu Ru Haul
Light Staff of Guilty Pride Portrait
Light Staff of Guilty Pride
Proud Axe Lumina Banish Portrait
Proud Axe Lumina Banish
Cowhoney Cow Smash Portrait
Cowhoney Cow Smash
Phantom Blade Bronllavyn Portrait
Phantom Blade Bronllavyn
Dark Axe of Envy Portrait
Dark Axe of Envy
Jealous Hammer Rebel Punisher Portrait
Jealous Hammer Rebel Punisher
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