Wedding Rod Bridal Foil
"A magical staff created to add color the wedding ceremony between royals.
It makes bright petals of lightning and birds that live for a single day."
Wedding Rod Bridal Foil Rarity SSR
Type Staff
Element ThunderSymbol Thunder
Max Level 125
Obtained from Premium Gacha
Magic Jewel Gacha
Releases (Breakthrough Princess) Arianrod
HP Attack Total Power
31 - 186 401 - 2406 432 - 2592
Burst Icon Burst Effect
Thunder DMG (4x)
★ (Limit Break ★★☆) Increases to Thunder DMG (4,5x)
WS thunder vigoras Impulse Vigoras
Thunder Characters' ATK↑ commensurate to left HP ratio (Large)
WS thunder defender Plasma Defender
Thunder Characters' Max HP↑ (Medium)

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