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Winged Rifle Daedalus
"A magical rifle that creates wind bullets that have enough power to raze an entire city to the ground."
Winged Rifle Daedalus.png Rarity SSR.png
Type Gun.png
Element EarthSymbol.png Wind
Max Level 125
Obtained from Grotesque Wings of Arrogance
Orichalcon Exchange
Epic Quests
Releases N/A
HP Attack Total Power
15 - 90 388 - 2328 403 - 2418
Burst Icon.png Burst Effect
Wind DMG (4x) and Double Up.pngTriple Up.png Combo Attack Rate↑
★ (Limit Break ★★☆) Increases to Wind DMG (4,5x)
WS wind pride.png Turbulence Pride
Wind Characters' ATK↑ commensurate to HP lost ratio (Large)



Daedalus is a figure in Greek mythology, an artist and inventor.